More and more audiophiles and homeowners in the Las Vegas area are skipping the wires for their hi-fi audio systems and instead going with wireless speaker options. As a result: the installations are cleaner, your home theater system can be completed faster, and it’s easier to upgrade your speakers as newer technologies are advanced.

Will Wireless Speakers Sacrifice Sound Quality?

No, we will help you choose products carefully to maximize audio quality. Technology in the space of hi-fi wireless speakers has continued to advance. For example, some systems use infrared beams via line-of-sight to directly transmit audio information to the speakers. This removes almost all interference from other wireless signals such as: Wi-Fi, Microwave, and so-forth. Wireless technology advances have made it possible for the better wireless speaker systems to experience no drop-off in sound quality.

Are There any Disadvantages to Wireless?

The primary consideration you’ll want to keep in mind, is that wireless often doesn’t mean zero wires. Unfortunately, power still requires wires. However, this is frequently not a major drawback, as power is easier to source near the points of speaker installation.

What Does it Take to Get Started?

Call us at 702-997-4108 and explain what sort of wireless audio system you envision. Elite A/V can either: help recommend a wireless speaker technology that fits your vision and home or we can work with any technology preferences that you have. Let us know what you’d like to accomplish in your home, and we’ll work with you to start putting in place your home audio vision.