Elite A/V LLC is an approved vendor of Universal Remote Control (or URC). With today’s newest technologies, the home is rapidly changing, now allowing you to control your: thermostat, lights, appliances, and home audio and video all from the comfort of your bed in your master bedroom or the couch in your entertainment room.

Elite A/V has experience implementing these technologies in homes across the Las Vegas valley. Although Universal Remote Control is one of our products, we also offer technologies such as Control4 that provide a similar form of home automation.

Elite A/V is a Local Southern Nevada Provider

Elite A/V has years of experience in Southern Nevada. We’ve established relationships with other local Las Vegas contractors that ensure we have access to the entire skill-set necessary to implement solutions at a consistently high level of quality. Not only are we fully licensed; but we also understand technology at its most basic and advanced levels.

We work with you to define your requirements, flesh out a design that meets your expectations, and we do all the work to implement your home automation vision. Imagine your home fully controlled from the comfort of the bed in your bedroom or from your the couch in your living room. Never get up to adjust the A/C or turn off the lights again.

If you’d like to start controlling everything in your home from a single digital device, give us a call at 702.997.4108 and let us know what parts of your home you’d like to automate. We’d be happy to work with you to move your home automation vision forward.