In addition to home theater installation, Elite A/V LLC also provides motorized shade control installation to help you create a home that adjusts, with the touch of a button, to the natural lighting environment and ambiance depending on the time of day.

Create a more comfortable home

Some use motorized curtains, blinds and shades to act as a natural alarm clock. Or, in the morning you might want your blinds to open automatically to let in warm morning sunlight and to stay open during the cooler part of the day. While, to protect your privacy, you may want your shades to close automatically as the sun starts to set.

You can also use motorized shade control as a form of climate control during our hot summer months and the cool winters here in Las Vegas and other parts of Southern Nevada. For example, in the winter you may choose to keep sun-facing window blinds open to let in warming sunlight, while keeping the blinds on drafty shaded windows closed.

Enhance your home theater

Yet another way to use automated curtain and blind control is to enhance your home theater system. For example, when you sit down to watch a movie during the day or early evening, with the press of a button, you are able to adjust all the blinds in the theater room to keep out unwanted light.

Conclusion: Motorized and automatic shade control at your fingertips

Elite A/V provides motorized drape and shade control services to give you fingertip automated control of the natural light in your home.

Get started with your installation

For help installing automatic and / or motorized blind, drape, and shade control, please call us at: (702) 997-4108. We can arrange to: come out, take a look at your home, and start the process of planning and designing your project.