You’re in your warm, soft bed, when… wait, you forgot to check if the doors are locked. Don’t get up. Use your home automation system to lock all of the doors in your home without lifting your head off of the pillow.

You’re at work. The kids just got home, but once again they forgot their keys. Simple; unlock the doors without leaving your desk and check that the alarm is on. Thanks to your home automation system, the kids are back safely in the home and you can finish up those last couple of items at work.

You’re at the airport, and you just realized you left the lights on. No need to ruin your vacation with worry, simply press a button and your lighting control system will turn all of the lights off.

What Is Home Automation?

As mentioned at the outset: home automation describes a handful of technologies that now make it possible to control your: audio, video, lighting, security cameras, thermostat, landscape lighting, Pandora, CD collection — and essentially almost everything else in your home that uses electricity — from your smartphone or in-home digital consoles in various locations throughout your home.

Home automation and lighting control to solve life’s inconvenient moments

The moments described above, and many like them, have historically required your presence at home or for you to leave a comfortable setting in your home to take care of what should be a simple task. But technology is now addressing those untimely and inconvenient situations.

Las Vegas homes are increasingly automated

In fact, new Home Automation and Lighting Control technologies from companies such as Control4 and Crestron have been installed in homes throughout Southern Nevada and the Las Vegas valley. Would you and/or your family benefit from installing a home automation or lighting control system?

Elite A/V an approved home automation and lighting control installer

Elite A/V is an approved vendor of home automation technologies such as Control4 and Universal Remote Control. Our expertise in system design for your home, and our ability to professionally install the technologies, allows us to help you feel at ease as we implement your home automation and lighting control vision.

Let us help you accomplish your home automation and lighting control vision

Elite A/V is happy to help you move your project forward. We provide cost estimates, technology advice, and of course product installation.

Let’s start your home automation and lighting control project. Call us at 702.997.4108 and let us know what parts of your home you’d like to automate! We’d be happy to work with you to move your home automation vision forward.