Rise of Home Theater Trends 2018 Part I

It doesn’t take a home theater guru to see some of the trends on a rise for entertainment.  The technology we use is increasingly advancing to thinner, sharper, and universal with the touch of a keypad.  The home theater industry is shifting with mobile-friendly technology and it’s ever increasing apps are exciting! So grab some popcorn and sit down.  Let’s explore together some trends that Elite A/V and others project will rise to even greater lengths in 2018.

1. Smart Tv’s/ Streaming

What do we want? Options. When do we want it? Now! Having on-demand television shows and movies with limited to no commercials are heavily desired.  So much so that companies like Netflix are spending millions to produce new content for our home theater enjoyment. In early 2017, Netflix had over 93 million subscribers worldwide, with its international presence driving growth. The latest survey research on video and content trends from the Consumer Technology Association (the consumer electronics industry’s standards and trade organization) finds that, for the first time, the percentage of free or paid streaming video subscribers in the U.S. (68%) has caught up to the number of paid TV subscribers (67%). Further, CTA says it expects streaming subscribers to surpass paid TV services by “a fair margin” within a year or so. We definitely predict binge-watching will continue to rise even more. Competition is in the mix with Disney producing streaming content, Apple is getting in on this, YouTube and ESPN Now are all increasing their home theater streaming content.

Roku, Apple TV, Xbox one and Chrome Cast are some of the most common ways to achieve streaming shows.   Smart TVs are next in line with more options than ever before.  Some smart tv remotes even have a designated Netflix and Hulu button.  The third and a bit old fashion way are connecting a laptop to an HDMI cord directly to the TV.

2. Live Interaction with Social Networking

Live, live, live, we want it live! Social media trends are pushing live video and by extension streaming services such as Netflix and Apple tv cater to the live movement with apps like Facebook Live. Social media live tweets and interaction with real-time television are skyrocketing as a trend.  Have you voted on one of the live shows using social media?  Manufacturers are currently working on ways to integrate live posts, reviews, and video chatting in with watching your favorite shows. We can see this going to where no tweet has gone before in the future!

3. Voice Activation/ Integration


Remotes, interfaces, consoles, and more are featuring ways to use voice command over a keyboard.  We sure have come a long way since the mobile phone with one key that you tap multiple times to get the letter you desire to type. LOL This trend of smart homes and voice activation will grow exponentially.  Alexa paired with Control 4 is one of our favorites with home theaters integrated with functions such as lights, blinds, and camera systems. A recent prediction suggests that “50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020” according to ComScore.  No doubt the voice command feature will continue to jump leaps and bounds this year.

4. Virtual Reality

Not to be confused with reality tv, this growing trend is sweeping the consumer electronic scene.  VR is capping on another dimension literally you are transported to another place with audio headphones and goggles in 4k with 360-degree views.  Can you imagine watching a movie where you can see that dinosaur coming at you by turning around and facing the beast yourself! That will increase entertainment to another level.  Some, however, are concerned with a decrease in intimacy watching a movie with their family.  Only time will tell how engaged a majority of consumers will become.  In the meantime, we do not see the number of products and content curation for these VR devices slowing down.

5. Wireless Entertainment

Who likes a bunch of eye sore wires laying around? Although one of our specialties here at Elite A/V is hiding wires we predict more and more technology will rise with Bluetooth or Sonos integration eliminating wires altogether. In addition to speakers, many Smart TVs also let you wirelessly push content from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, to your big screen.


Thanks for tuning in to Part I of our predicting trends.  Stay tuned for Part II where we feature Décor and Equipment in Home Theater Trends.  For those of you visiting our site for the first time. Elite A/V is a home theater installation company serving the greater Las Vegas area.  We specialize in trendy technologies, wiring systems, Control 4 and smart home integration.  If you are interested in sprucing up your entertainment area we would love to help.  Give us a call 702.997.4108 to consult with one of our specialists.  For inspiration, you can pop into our showroom at Elite A/V 3611 S Lindell Rd Suite 101 Las Vegas, NV 89103 

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