To Pro or Not to Pro When Building your Home Theater?

When you are ready to foot the bill for a new home theater system, is it worth adding the expense of a professional installation? That is the question each must ask themselves.  Is it reasonable to assume that some audio-video background makes it possible to complete the job with success? This blog will break down some considerations you can add into the equation before weighing on that decision.

1. Proper Wiring

As educated professionals in low voltage and high voltage wiring systems, this should absolutely be the first consideration. Each project has its own set of needs.  The more wires involved and the higher the placement the wires the higher the risk.  Electrical Contractor Magazine stated this very interesting quote:

“Even low-voltage installers can still experience unsettling shocks, especially if they are working in an unsafe environment, such as if they are ungrounded or standing on a wet spot,” Johnston said. “While it’s unlikely that such shocks will cause serious injury by themselves, they certainly could literally knock someone off balance, which could be a real safety risk if an installer were standing on a ladder.

So consider, will the wiring require feeding through the ceiling or walls.  Will the job require creating new connections in the cables? Will you be working with equipment voltage that you haven’t learned much about? If so, it would be wise to hire a professional installer. “In addition, an arc in a low-voltage system has the same potential for igniting explosive materials as one in a 120-plus-volt system. Chapter 5 of the NEC provides rules for installing electrical wiring of any voltage in a hazardous (classified) location, specifically those locations with high concentrations of flammable or combustible liquids, flammable or combustible vapors, conductive and combustible dust, and so forth.”

2. How much time will it take you versus a pro?

With YouTube and the internet today the Do It Yourself philosophy is on the rise.  Millennials are an educated era.  It may seem sensible to try it yourself.  The frustration sets in when knee deep in a mess of cables, instruction booklets, and holes in the wall.  Professional audio installers work day in day out on common name brand equipment. 

The time it takes them to get the job done right is a fraction compared to the headache of installing yourself.  They say time is money.  That is definitely a consideration when attempting to install your home theater equipment yourself.

3. Equipment Malfunction.

Any experienced gadget goer knows that the inevitable malfunction is on its way.  No equipment is 100 percent. When the error or glitch happens will you be prepared? Professionals work directly with the manufacturers and can resolve an issue or replace the equipment with ease.  In comparison, a DIY project may come to a halt for several days or even weeks trying to resolve the complaint.  In addition to handling matters aright, installers have extended warranties on their work.  For instance, here in Las Vegas our company Elite A/V warranties for a lifetime the workmanship and wires. We also honor manufacturer warranties and will work directly with the vendors for the replacement. If a person decides to purchase the equipment on their own then hire an installer, Elite A/V offers extended warranty plans if the equipment is within 30 days of purchase.


As you can see there are levels of the project that all require careful consideration of skill, time, finance, and complications.  There may be areas where DIY is possible.  Or it might not be reasonable to take on the task of installing a home theater without the professionals.  What will you decide, to pro or not to pro? That is the golden question.  Elite A/V would be happy to help you at any stage of your project.  Call us for a free consultation and quote.

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