Elite A/V takes home 6 Certifications this Last Week.

Elite A/V values continuing education.  We go to great lengths and time to invest in learning the ever-changing options available in the home theater audio market today.  Last week we finished a 5-day course that earned us the titles of being ISF Video Calibration Certified in Levels 1,2, and 3 as well as THX Audio Calibration with HAA (The Home Acoustic Alliance) This may sound unfamiliar and over your head. This article will break down what these can mean for your home theater system if our professionals assist you. Keep on the lookout how Star Wars director George Lucas is tied into this award!

Calibration – The action of adjusting an instrument for dependable results.

Sadly, when new TVs are bought most people set them up and that’s that.  Millions of TVs are hopelessly waiting for someone to make them shine bright and be the best they can be! The disappointing truth behind pre-factory settings is they are garbage.  Settings such as contrast, color, backlight, motion processing, noise reduction and brightness are usually set too high and limit the beautiful picture your screen could have. That is where an expert can really give you a pristine look on a once dull television screen.

ISF and it’s crucial role in your enjoyment.

ISF stands for Imaging Science Foundation. This company has assisted the very best A/V manufacturers in raising the bar with high standards.  They train professionals to understand the ins and outs of display imaging and calibration.  The calibration, when completed properly, will take into account even the lighting in the room.  Are you starting to see why preset displays couldn’t possibly be the best? Every room is different with unique circumstances that require consideration.  Furthermore, it takes the layout of the room in an account as well as the equipment’s structure and capacities.

THX the force of good in the A/V world.

George Lucas, perhaps one of the greatest visionaries of all time sees a need for audio production to translate in theaters.  It was May 21st, 1982 when Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back just debuted in theaters.  George Lucas is feeling empowered by the audio created by John Williams, the Grammy award-winning composer.  To finalize the production George hires an audio scientist, Tomlinson Holman, to examine and improve the film audio throughout the entire production.

With so many unique sounds and nuances, the playback had to be just as good as the product.  The disappointment set in when the caliber was not met. George Lucas and his team designed a certification program to help every artist and manufacturers alike to adopt a higher level of audio recording and calibration.

THX most likely stands for Tomlinson Holman eXperience. This certification program today still remains one of the most recognized sonic identities in the world.

So what can a professionally trained THX calibrator do?

In contrast to ISF which focuses on the video, THX peers intently to the sound settings.  Listen to this short video and imagine hearing every decibel of sound your ears are capable of hearing.  Every instrument entrance and exit.

Plain and simple, you will benefit so much with just an adjustment to your settings.  A professional that is certified has the proper training and equipment to transform even a cheaper tv or projector into a brilliant picture.  Here are a few images of our courses that lasted 5 days.  Check them out and do not hesitate to give us a call.  Elite A/V serves the greater Las Vegas area and specializes in home theater wiring systems, smart home integrations, and now calibrations.  Our showroom is a great place to see first hand the level of quality we worked with.  Come take a look sometime!


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