CES Consumer Electronics Show is Around the Corner!

The Best Electronic Show of the Year!

All of our Las Vegas gadget lovers are no doubt preparing for another year of the Consumer Electronics Show.

What is CES you ask?

It is single-handedly the most Influential tech conference of the year. A whirlwind of innovative technology.  Featuring thin and powerful audio technology, self-driving cars, and our favorite, voice recognition home automation.  A place where key tech influencers gather together to showcase new products and trends leading the industry.  Sounds enticing right? Our company loves this event.  Quite a few of our vendors have booths on the floor displaying their amazing home theater equipment.  You can find Monitor Audio, KEF,

Elite A/V employees strive to stay current with the latest technology.  Clients can be confident that when they talk with our professionals we can help guide them to the best options available in the home theater market.    Price points vary and of course, brand new technologies may not be the most cost-effective.  That is our job to lay out the options for you.  If you are contemplating a home theater refresh let us help you explore your choices.  Call today and let Elite A/V help you on your audio tech journey.


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