5 Ways to Cool Your Electronics

For those of you that live local,  summertime in Las Vegas, NV is no joke. It’s so hot sometimes I feel like we are in one of those movies where you’re trekking through sandy hills trying to just stay alive. As we take measures to keep cool this summer, we should also protect our electronics.  After all, they provide us with hours and hours of fun! In this article, I will teach you 5 basic tips to keep your gadgets cool and working smoothly for the long run.

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How to Keep your Home Theater Electronics Cool

#1 Give your electronics room to breathe.

Stacking gadgets on top of one another is a common mishap with entertainment centers.  Each device has a venting system and the little fan inside of it is most likely working overtime when you are enjoying some relaxation.  Seeping out of the vent is a lot of heat. As we are familiar, heat rises. If your apple tv is stacked on top of your gaming equipment and that’s on top of your DVD player, chances are there is some overheating happening. So words of advice to the wise: spread your equipment out about 2-3 inches apart and use shelves to stack your devices neatly. Double check all of the vents around each item are completely clear and not obstructing the airflow.

If your equipment is stored in an enclosed area, hot air tends to cycle through it making it hotter the longer it is running. Fans and cooling devices are great for areas where the ventilation is not available.  Salamander A/V furniture is a brand we highly recommend for shelves and ventilation.  It helps that they are really sweet home decor statement pieces too.

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#2 Keep the sunlight from shining directly in on your gadgets.

It makes sense right? Direct sunlight has the potential cut the life span of your theater devices in half. It’s common to have the entertainment center in a well-lit room.  Just monitor if the windows allow the sun to peer in and heat up your electronics. Sheer curtains help to ease the harsh sun.  To take it a step further, you can strategically place the vents from the a/c to point in the direction they are.

To take it a step further, you can strategically place the air vents to point in the direction of your entertainment center.

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#3 Dust your electronics often.

Ever wonder why your tv gets dusty so quick? Electric and magnetic fields from your TV, stereo, and receivers attract and draw dust in. When dust makes its way into your components, a swirling mob of dust bunnies dancing around the fan could trap heat inside rather than letting the heat escape easily.  If you do a little cleaning this can significantly prevent overheating and make your electronics last much longer.


#4 Power Down when not around.

There’s no need to keep your electronics running 24/7.  Powering the TV or Projector down will help keep the house cooler and save the lifespan of your expensive equipment.


#5 Know the signs of overheating.

Lastly, if you sense something is wrong with your electronics such as too hot to touch or the fan is extra loud, shut them down immediately and disconnect the power source.  Each device has a built in cooling protocol.  Just allow them to cool down completely before powering up again.

So, that’s it! Common sense right? Hope this helps and you learned something new today. Try to make these little changes to assist your home theater in providing many years of enjoyment to come! Keep cool but keep your electronics cooler! Visit our website or call to learn more about how we can help with many solutions to solve heat issues including fans, cabinet coolers, ventilation products & more.




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What Speakers are the Best Fit For You?

Upgrade Your Speakers Intelligently.

You may find yourself wanting to upgrade your theater system but are unsure what you really need.  We want you to have top notch quality at the level that fits your lifestyle. You don’t necessarily need large speakers or a full 7.1-channel surround system to get great sound. Take a moment to think about how you interpret music.

What Type of Listener are You?

Are you an active listener who plays close attention to details? Do you engage in the music, listening for little nuances, trying to determine the artist’s intention? Or are you a passive listener who plays music to set a mood or performing an activity while music plays in the background?

If you are a passive listener a pair of quality bookshelf speakers or in-wall speakers may be the perfect compliment to occasional TV and movies. What if you want more bass?  A small subwoofer can deliver the extra low end to add drama to the setting.

If you are more of an active listener, or simply want the option of having your hair stand up on the back of your neck, a pair of monitors or floor-standing speakers may be the solution. Remember that a small floor-standing speaker with multiple drivers can deliver a really full-sounding highly satisfying music experience without taking a ton of space.
If you are desiring to beef up the sound for movie night and occasional music listening, a sound bar and a wireless subwoofer combination could be the ticket.

Finally, there is the film fanatic, you know who you are! This level of audio enjoyment requires the full on surround sound experience! A 360 degree high definition sound from precise angles in multiple areas of your room can create that “sweet spot” where the sound may just knock your socks off while reclining.

In conclusion, your lifestyle and desires need to be matched with the ever advancing technology field of home audio.  We want you to understand the basics and we will help you figure out the rest.

Theater Installation You Can Justify.

Let us take the guess work out of your choices and home theater installation. There are countless quality options we can provide from leading speakers in the industry such as Monitor Audio, Martin Logan’s, Sonos, Krell, and Integra to name a few. Furthermore, you cannot go wrong with top quality at affordable prices. Our sound trained professionals at Elite A/V can handle providing you with the best options that suit your personal needs.  Call us today for advice and price quote options for your upgraded theater sound. We will do our best to make you 100% happy with your new theater equipment.


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