HDR is the Future of TV.

HDR What is it?

In light of all the latest craze in the television market, the acronym HDR keeps popping up.  What is it? What does it stand for? HDR means High Definition Range.  It stems from a term in photography.  As the human eye interprets vivid color in multiple layers the camera, however, lacks justice in capturing all the nuances of the scene. An SDR Standard Definition Range is most common in home theaters.

In comparison, High Definition Range refers to a technique that heightens a picture’s dynamic range – the contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks. The approach is that the higher the dynamic range, the more a picture resembles a real life view.

Think about a time when you saw a spectacular sunset. Now consider the layers of glowing fiery red, orange and pink pastel colors enhanced by bright white clouds in the forefront.  In this scene painted for you, there should be distinguishable degrees of brightness. However, on the TV the layers look flat and dull with white levels smashed and layers that are virtually impossible to tell apart. There are multiple reasons for this.

Why the need for HDR?

The first reason is your TV’s limited dynamic range, it is not capable of reliving the real view picture in the finest differences in brightness.

In addition, the video you are watching has gone through multiple stages of processing and converting data to match what your Television is capable of. This ultimately takes away the quality in its end result.

In recent breakthroughs, TVs are much more capable. When our Elite A/V team attended the CES 2017 (consumer electronics show) we were in awe at the levels of brightness in newer TVs. Check out this video out we shot there!

A normal TV puts out around 100-300nits of brightness whereas an HDR TV is working on the capability of 10,000nits.   It’s not just sheer brightness we are after.  Too bright and it can be blinding.  The combination of luminance, color gamut, and color range all have to co-exist to give you the darkest dark to the whitest white on the screen.

Modern LED screens appear dim and dark blacks look gray because of their pixels being backlit. When you glance at a screen with the milky way you want the richest black color you can get to enhance the brightness of the stars and their glow.

At Elite A/V LLC, we all consider ourselves quality television lovers.  We want your upgraded home theater installation in Las Vegas to be the most knowledgeable choice you make this year.   HDR is the future of home theaters. Let us Hang a TV for you today that will allow you and your family to experience endless enjoyment for years to come.

Amazon and Control 4 Integration

As a kid, we dreamed about flying cars and tablets that controlled our every desire. We all knew that at some point sci-fi movies would eventually become our reality. The distant future seemed so exciting as we all waited for the day we would have modern conveniences.  The wait is over- we ARE in the future!! Even Doc from Back to the Future dialed in our time.  The advancement of smart devices has made home life experiences worth sharing in.  Elite A/V Las Vegas customers are flocking to these new technologies.  We want you to be on board.


 Smart Home Possibilities

Create a “scene” with Control4 and Amazon Alexa smart devices.

Imagine coming home, as you walk through the front doors and say “Alexa turn on the welcome scene,” the lights automatically lead the way, while Pandora starts your favorite playlist, the door locks behind you and you feel the weight of a long hard earned day melt off your shoulders. This brilliant experience sets the tone for the evening.


As night falls, you sit with your sweetie on the couch and say “Alexa turn on movie night”.  The automatic shades from Lutron Triathlon slowly begin to fall creating a private movie environment. Your home theater opens with Amazon Fire TV right to your favorite movie.  The lights dim and your cinema experience begins. When you can’t keep your eyes open any longer no need to go around powering everything down. Simply go to bed and say “Alexa power down the house.”  All the lights shut off, the doors lock, the alarm system turns on and you can sleep with peace of mind.


There are many smart products available today, it isn’t until these devices work together in harmony, that you experience the flawless touch of a smart home. It’s the sophistication of smarter living that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Check out this youtube video brought to you by Amazon and Control 4: https://youtu.be/uByI298tsm8

Li Fi Technology

Light Up Your Network – LiFi

If there’s one thing we can count on it’s the insatiable demand for high-speed always-on internet for the masses.  We live in a digital world where internet connectivity is a necessity.  It’s estimated that there are 6.4 billion, yes billion with a B, internet connected devices in the world!

This staggering number is a clear indication that new network technologies are continually needed to keep up with the demand.  At LVAVS we know our customers are always interested in keeping their home entertainment system fast and always connected as well.

Well one such new technology takes advantage of something we take for granted every single day – light!  The name of this technology is Li-Fi and it promises to greatly enhance the download capacity of any network, whether it’s a commercial business or at home.

How does it work?  Put simply, it very quickly changes the intensity of a light bulb in such a way that is not perceptible by the human eye.  This quick change of intensity is detected by a device which is able to then convert that to an internet connection.

Yes it’s true that the lights would always have to be on for it to work.  And yes it’s true that as soon as you walk outside it no longer works.  But just think of how often you are using the internet inside.  As I type this article in a local Panera Bread store I look at the countless light bulbs scattered throughout the room and imagine that silently and invisibly they are providing high speed consistent internet speeds to my laptop.  This would be much better than the much weaker signal I’m currently connected to back in some office on the other side of the restaurant.

These are the types of technologies we here at LVAVS prepare for and keep tabs on so that we can always provide the best possible solutions to our customers.

Cleerline Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics For The Home

The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second.  That is pretty fast, wouldn’t you say?  That’s what makes fiber optic technology so important in today’s media hungry society! Of course fiber technology has been around for a long time powering fast links between data centers, internet service providers, and businesses.

Lately though quite a bit of attention has been given to FTTH or Fiber To The Home networks.  Companies like Google and Verizon are racing to control the market in this quickly growing technology.

However, did you know that this same fiber optic technology can also be used within your own home to sky rocket your media performance?  As 4K television becomes more and more the standard we are going to need very fast home networks and consistent digital connections to support it.

LVAVS is constantly on the forefront of technology to insure that we have the expertise to install a home theater that will keep up with modern demands.  The cost of fiber optic cabling has reduced greatly so why not make your home future proof by running fiber to each room?  This will insure that you can not only handle 4K but even 8K, 12K, or whatever the near future holds for media.

Using products such as Cleerline, LVAVS can install fiber optic cabling not only to each room but right to the television.  If you are looking to upgrade your home theater for the best picture and sound contact us today about the possibilities!