Li Fi Technology

Light Up Your Network – LiFi

If there’s one thing we can count on it’s the insatiable demand for high-speed always-on internet for the masses.  We live in a digital world where internet connectivity is a necessity.  It’s estimated that there are 6.4 billion, yes billion with a B, internet connected devices in the world!

This staggering number is a clear indication that new network technologies are continually needed to keep up with the demand.  At LVAVS we know our customers are always interested in keeping their home entertainment system fast and always connected as well.

Well one such new technology takes advantage of something we take for granted every single day – light!  The name of this technology is Li-Fi and it promises to greatly enhance the download capacity of any network, whether it’s a commercial business or at home.

How does it work?  Put simply, it very quickly changes the intensity of a light bulb in such a way that is not perceptible by the human eye.  This quick change of intensity is detected by a device which is able to then convert that to an internet connection.

Yes it’s true that the lights would always have to be on for it to work.  And yes it’s true that as soon as you walk outside it no longer works.  But just think of how often you are using the internet inside.  As I type this article in a local Panera Bread store I look at the countless light bulbs scattered throughout the room and imagine that silently and invisibly they are providing high speed consistent internet speeds to my laptop.  This would be much better than the much weaker signal I’m currently connected to back in some office on the other side of the restaurant.

These are the types of technologies we here at LVAVS prepare for and keep tabs on so that we can always provide the best possible solutions to our customers.