Elite A/V takes home 6 Certifications this Last Week.

Elite A/V values continuing education.  We go to great lengths and time to invest in learning the ever-changing options available in the home theater audio market today.  Last week we finished a 5-day course that earned us the titles of being ISF Video Calibration Certified in Levels 1,2, and 3 as well as THX Audio Calibration with HAA (The Home Acoustic Alliance) This may sound unfamiliar and over your head. This article will break down what these can mean for your home theater system if our professionals assist you. Keep on the lookout how Star Wars director George Lucas is tied into this award!

Calibration – The action of adjusting an instrument for dependable results.

Sadly, when new TVs are bought most people set them up and that’s that.  Millions of TVs are hopelessly waiting for someone to make them shine bright and be the best they can be! The disappointing truth behind pre-factory settings is they are garbage.  Settings such as contrast, color, backlight, motion processing, noise reduction and brightness are usually set too high and limit the beautiful picture your screen could have. That is where an expert can really give you a pristine look on a once dull television screen.

ISF and it’s crucial role in your enjoyment.

ISF stands for Imaging Science Foundation. This company has assisted the very best A/V manufacturers in raising the bar with high standards.  They train professionals to understand the ins and outs of display imaging and calibration.  The calibration, when completed properly, will take into account even the lighting in the room.  Are you starting to see why preset displays couldn’t possibly be the best? Every room is different with unique circumstances that require consideration.  Furthermore, it takes the layout of the room in an account as well as the equipment’s structure and capacities.

THX the force of good in the A/V world.

George Lucas, perhaps one of the greatest visionaries of all time sees a need for audio production to translate in theaters.  It was May 21st, 1982 when Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back just debuted in theaters.  George Lucas is feeling empowered by the audio created by John Williams, the Grammy award-winning composer.  To finalize the production George hires an audio scientist, Tomlinson Holman, to examine and improve the film audio throughout the entire production.

With so many unique sounds and nuances, the playback had to be just as good as the product.  The disappointment set in when the caliber was not met. George Lucas and his team designed a certification program to help every artist and manufacturers alike to adopt a higher level of audio recording and calibration.

THX most likely stands for Tomlinson Holman eXperience. This certification program today still remains one of the most recognized sonic identities in the world.

So what can a professionally trained THX calibrator do?

In contrast to ISF which focuses on the video, THX peers intently to the sound settings.  Listen to this short video and imagine hearing every decibel of sound your ears are capable of hearing.  Every instrument entrance and exit.

Plain and simple, you will benefit so much with just an adjustment to your settings.  A professional that is certified has the proper training and equipment to transform even a cheaper tv or projector into a brilliant picture.  Here are a few images of our courses that lasted 5 days.  Check them out and do not hesitate to give us a call.  Elite A/V serves the greater Las Vegas area and specializes in home theater wiring systems, smart home integrations, and now calibrations.  Our showroom is a great place to see first hand the level of quality we worked with.  Come take a look sometime!


Enhance Your Home Decor With Your Television.

The Evolution of Television Styles

Let’s go back in time for a moment and reminisce on how heavy and thick television sets were in the 50’s.  Surely, these clunkers were an eyesore. At the time, no one cared, if you owned a tv you were doing good.  Fast forward to our advanced day and age, it is the norm in every household to have a flat screen tv. Additionally, most tv’s are mounted right on the wall.  They look very sleek and barely take up any space.

However, even though we have come a long way, let’s face it, a big black screen is not exactly art on the wall.  Most women would love to have a hideaway tv. Hiding cords and electronics would be a miracle. So, what options are available to enhance home décor with a television?


Add Art to Your Home theater or Living Space

A fantastic way to conceal your flat panel or projection screen is to literally cover it with art and add a beautiful frame around it.  A company called ArtScreen has mastered this idea and it fits within our standard of classy and unique. Framing your tv is a great home decor enhancement. Here’s how it works. A frame is surrounding your television with a canvas of your choice of art displayed in front of your tv. When you are ready to watch tv, a silent motor screen retraction rolls the canvas up inside of the frame and booyah you have a home theater system.

Design your TV Frame to Enhance Your Home Decor

The process is simple, purchase a tv if you don’t already own one. Followed by selecting your art.  This art could be your own if it is good enough quality or you could choose from ArtScreen’s selected designer art with over 1,200 options of styles and colors. Next, select a frame to your liking. We personally love the modern frame for a television choice.  If you ever visit our showroom in Las Vegas you would know Elite A/V preferred style is modern!


Finally, after you have chosen all the components to your artwork, a professional home theater installation company installs your framed art and conceals all of your wires.  That is where Elite A/V steps in, our company serves Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, and the greater Las Vegas Area.We specialize in Home Theaters, HDTV Set-ups, Multi-room Audio Systems, Universal Control Systems, Lighting & Shade Control, Networking and Wireless Solutions.  We would love to help you learn more about framing your tv and all the amazing options out there.

Additional Thoughts For Your Screen:

ArtScreen can work with a recessed or surface mounted television.  However, a very important factor to consider is the quality of your tv screen. As audio video professionals, quality comes first in our opinion.  Additional money can then enhance your home decor.  Quality of a screen makes the world of a difference to your enjoyment of a movie.  The light that reflects off of a projector or screen can be faded and blurry if not chosen correctly. We want to ensure the quality of your home theater system by helping you understand your options.  Here are two great articles on our website to read: One is HDR and the other is 4K.


Feel free to email or call us to schedule a consultation with one of our professionals. We would be happy to email you all the options of frames and art choices.

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A Showroom Designed to Educate You and Impress Your Senses.

For those of you who know Elite A/V our standards have always been high.  We now have a home theater showroom in Las Vegas that will take you to audio video dreamland! The technology on display features complete home automation control systems and a variety of home theater sound displays. Additionally, we have Salamander a/v furniture, security systems, a commercial cafe bar and a stylish game room.   We have packed this place out with tons of amazing products for you to experience!


Learn Smart Home Capabilities

Home automation technology has grown so much over the last few years.  Voice commands and remote control systems have never been more functional. We really do have it made in the shade! You can test out Alexa and movie and audio commands.  Home automation is at the next level when you bring Control4 on board. This remote is a fan favorite when it comes to quality and variation.  Prompt automatic Lutron window shades, color changing light displays, thermostat controls and more with the dynamic duo of Alexa and Control 4 integrations.

The Theater Experience

Throughout our showroom, there are strategic audio displays designed to impress your senses.

The theater room is where you can kick back on plush fortress theater designed seating, gaze up at a seamless 100″ projection, and take in two variations of theater sound systems.  Monitor Audio paired with Dolby Atmos and the other incredible display by Martin Logan with a 7.1 channel sound. Both radiate immense power and unique sound.  Other audio systems showcased are Monitor Audio, Triad Speakers, Dynaudio, Sonos and Bang and Olufsen.

Every Home theater in Las Vegas should have the sound that is enjoyable to watch a movie with. We want to educate you about the differences in sound, size, price, and technology. However, no matter the cost, we back up the quality of the products we offer! Each and every speaker has something to offer for your individual preferences.


Get your Game On!

Our game room is not shy of audio power. We have some pretty amazing floor standing KEF speakers on display for your entertainment. Play a round of shuffleboard or bumper pool and imagine what your game room could be with surround sound pumping through the ceiling. We want to help customize every space in your home to maximize your enjoyment with your friends and family.

Commercial Grade Electronic Displays

Your heart may already be pumped up at this point, however, the cafe area features an LG commercial menu board with a video panel display that will have you brainstorming ways to enhance your storefront or restaurant. Soon to come is a 70-volt commercial Sonance system that creates a personal experience in a large space.  , an alarm system panel


Finally, to protect our establishment we have an alarm system panel to demo for you that we feel is of the utmost importance in your home and business. If you love to explore new technology and enjoy learning about a variety of audio-video gadgets, we guarantee you will be happy with our selections.  Schedule a visit so we can demo all kinds of fun entertainment equipment for you!  Call us at 702-997-4108 to make your appointment today!

Elite Now Offers Super Sleek Audio Video Furniture!

Salamander is no doubt leading the industry with well built audio video Cabinets.  We wanted to offer these gorgeous designs with our services.  Check out some of the looks and features below that are on display in our showroom here in Las Vegas.  Explore what style speaks to your personality.

Each cabinet is engineered specifically for the purpose to satisfy the functional requirements of professional AV Integrators and AV enthusiasts. It’s no wonder Salamander earned the title of #1 Brand of AV Furniture by CE Pro Magazine. Elite A/V LLC in Las Vegas is happy to offer such an outstanding home theater cabinet.

Are you wondering why the need for a special Audio Video Cabinet?

Consider all of your home theater gadgets, cords, and speakers.  Housing these items under the right conditions are crucial to making your expensive equipment last.  For instance, proper ventilation can significantly decrease malfunction, extending the life of your components.  A/V cabinets ensure proper storage with the ability to tailor accessories to your families needs.  Your cabinet should reflect on your preferences in technology.

Furthermore, high-end electronic components are typically deeper and heavier than standard components.  As professional audio video installers, we suggest to rack-mount your devices on an industry compliant cabinet frame for the best support.

Finally, these cabinets assist with the look and feel of your home decor, having a place to hide your electronics and give a clean overall classy look to your home theater. So lets look at designs, shall we?

Which Style do you gravitate to?

Are you Contemporary, Urban, Metropolitan?

Barcelona would be a fit for you! With a clean cutting edge design, beveled edges and precision miter joints, this beauty is highlighted with a Natural Walnut finish and Gloss White doors.  Variations are also available in Natural Cherry finish and Smoked Glass doors.

Are You a Contemporary Minimalist?

Then the Chicago Salamander Design is right for you! Lightly textured, black oak doors with black, tempered glass on top, this beauty is sleek and exotic just like a salamander itself.

How about Rustic Contemporary?

If you like a warm cozy home, then the Dever style is for you! Deeply embossed, horizontal grains resemble wheat stalks. The simplicity of the natural wood is clean, rustic and enhances the chocolate brown glass top. Variations of this cabinet are natural light oak instead of the walnut finish.

The size and shape variations are extensive too! We want to help you as we educate all our customers how they can enjoy their home theater in the very best way.  Reliable, sturdy furniture is a great start.  As a home theater installation company in the heart of the entertainment capital, Las Vegas we expect the best of the best in the products we offer.  We especially like how Salamander Designs walk the walk and back up their pieces.  Take a look at their guarantee.

Learn more by visiting our website at www.LVAVS.com and Call Elite A/V LLC today for audio video needs in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, and Green Valley areas.

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HDR is the Future of TV.

HDR What is it?

In light of all the latest craze in the television market, the acronym HDR keeps popping up.  What is it? What does it stand for? HDR means High Definition Range.  It stems from a term in photography.  As the human eye interprets vivid color in multiple layers the camera, however, lacks justice in capturing all the nuances of the scene. An SDR Standard Definition Range is most common in home theaters.

In comparison, High Definition Range refers to a technique that heightens a picture’s dynamic range – the contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks. The approach is that the higher the dynamic range, the more a picture resembles a real life view.

Think about a time when you saw a spectacular sunset. Now consider the layers of glowing fiery red, orange and pink pastel colors enhanced by bright white clouds in the forefront.  In this scene painted for you, there should be distinguishable degrees of brightness. However, on the TV the layers look flat and dull with white levels smashed and layers that are virtually impossible to tell apart. There are multiple reasons for this.

Why the need for HDR?

The first reason is your TV’s limited dynamic range, it is not capable of reliving the real view picture in the finest differences in brightness.

In addition, the video you are watching has gone through multiple stages of processing and converting data to match what your Television is capable of. This ultimately takes away the quality in its end result.

In recent breakthroughs, TVs are much more capable. When our Elite A/V team attended the CES 2017 (consumer electronics show) we were in awe at the levels of brightness in newer TVs. Check out this video out we shot there!

A normal TV puts out around 100-300nits of brightness whereas an HDR TV is working on the capability of 10,000nits.   It’s not just sheer brightness we are after.  Too bright and it can be blinding.  The combination of luminance, color gamut, and color range all have to co-exist to give you the darkest dark to the whitest white on the screen.

Modern LED screens appear dim and dark blacks look gray because of their pixels being backlit. When you glance at a screen with the milky way you want the richest black color you can get to enhance the brightness of the stars and their glow.

At Elite A/V LLC, we all consider ourselves quality television lovers.  We want your upgraded home theater installation in Las Vegas to be the most knowledgeable choice you make this year.   HDR is the future of home theaters. Let us Hang a TV for you today that will allow you and your family to experience endless enjoyment for years to come.

4K Content Is Here

Here at LVAVS we have a pixel addiction.  We just can’t get enough of them! What is a pixel you ask?  You might be surprised to know that you likely have millions of them in your household and don’t even know it.  A pixel is the extremely tiny individual dot of colored light which when combined with millions of other pixels make up the moving picture of a TV screen.

So why can’t we get enough of these tiny little dots?  Quite simply the more you have the clearer the picture!  And this is why 4K technology is such a wonderful progression in the home theater market.  I’m sure you remember how amazing it was when you first upgraded your television from the old large curved screen variety to the High Definition which started to become popular in the late ’90s and early 00’s.

When you upgraded your TV you went from roughly 307k pixels to roughly 2 million pixels! 15 years later we have another huge leap but this time from 2 million to 8.29 million!  That’s 4 times the resolution!

The main issue when such a change happens is content.  All those extra pixels means lots of extra data it takes to bring the TV to life.  This is why the advancement of internet speeds are so important as well as television technologies such as satellite delivery and cable company technologies.

The good news, however, is that quite a bit of 4K content is already available mid 2016 and it’s only going to increase from here!  For example, Netflix has 26 different TV series and/or movies available in 4K according to whats-on-netflix.com.  DirecTV has added a 24/7 4K channel as well as 4K content on demand.  Plus more and more sporting events are being planned to broadcast live in 4K.

What does this mean for you?  Don’t get left behind!  Let LVAVS help you upgrade your home theater entertainment with an amazing new 4K television.  We can help you pick out the best model, screen size, and accessories as well as pairing it with an amazing home audio system.  We are very excited to see where 4K will be by the end of the year and beyond and we look forward to keeping our customers on the bleeding edge of entertainment technology!

Cleerline Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics For The Home

The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second.  That is pretty fast, wouldn’t you say?  That’s what makes fiber optic technology so important in today’s media hungry society! Of course fiber technology has been around for a long time powering fast links between data centers, internet service providers, and businesses.

Lately though quite a bit of attention has been given to FTTH or Fiber To The Home networks.  Companies like Google and Verizon are racing to control the market in this quickly growing technology.

However, did you know that this same fiber optic technology can also be used within your own home to sky rocket your media performance?  As 4K television becomes more and more the standard we are going to need very fast home networks and consistent digital connections to support it.

LVAVS is constantly on the forefront of technology to insure that we have the expertise to install a home theater that will keep up with modern demands.  The cost of fiber optic cabling has reduced greatly so why not make your home future proof by running fiber to each room?  This will insure that you can not only handle 4K but even 8K, 12K, or whatever the near future holds for media.

Using products such as Cleerline, LVAVS can install fiber optic cabling not only to each room but right to the television.  If you are looking to upgrade your home theater for the best picture and sound contact us today about the possibilities!