Outdoor Living Speakers

Have you experienced outdoor speakers before? As the weather is warming up, many have their minds on enjoying the outdoors.  Spring is around the corner.  Las Vegas especially is beautiful at this time.  While the desert has it’s momentary sprout, we can enjoy the benefits of soaking up the sun.  Sitting outside in the cool, crisp, dry weather is why living out west is sensational.  If you haven’t looked into adding outdoor speakers for your commercial patio or backyard, you are really missing out. This article will explain why good outdoor living speakers can contribute to you and your guests’ ultimate enjoyment.

Powerful Sound = Powerful Experience

Before you go to grab your wireless Bluetooth speaker, consider the benefits of multiple angles of crisp sound playing your favorite summertime jams.  The fact of the matter is, the quality of music does play a role in how we feel.  The better you feel, the more productive your environment is.  A muffled sound that fades as a loud motorcycle goes by could really be irritating.  On the contrast, having UV ray resistant, and waterproof surround sound with exterior subwoofers is sure to boost any listeners mood. The ascetics are important to note as well, crystal clear sound creating an ambiance all awhile hidden under plants and rock displays make the magic feel even more real.

Furthermore, imagine the enjoyment you and your guests can experience.  Spending quality time outside with loved ones has a plethora of health and social benefits. The physiological, physical, and emotional effects of music have been receiving growing recognition. While listening to pleasant music, specific brain regions are triggered, activating reward, autonomic response, and cognitive processing deepening the social bond.  (US National Library of Medicine).

Now that we have established how a power experience can feel like let’s discuss some logistics.

The Elite Decision

Just like indoor speakers, there is a lot of options.  It may feel overwhelming to narrow down a choice.  We have a favorite in mind, Sonance. From courtyards and patios to entire residential estates or resort gardens, Sonance is one of the leaders in high fidelity sound for the great outdoors.  Their speakers are scalable to any need your yard or commercial property may need.

The Sonance experience can go 1 of 3 ways.  The Sonance Landscape Series includes small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers. These satellite speakers feature all-weather materials.  There are three different model sizes that can suit any sized space and desired volume.  The sound can go from ambient background music to the level of a rock concert depending on your preference.

The Second option, Sonnaray SR1 System, features eight satellite speakers and a below-ground subwoofer designed to fill areas of up to 2000 square feet. This package pairs with a stereo amplifier to assist with tuning and testing the system while maximizing performance in any hardscape or the soft scape environment.

The third option is a fun one, rock speakers! Available in either granite or brown finishes, the construction is well thought out with durable water-resistant materials designed to withstand some of the harshest outdoor environments. This style is perfect for courtyards and patios.

Of course, this is just one of our favorite brands.  There are other brands that are suitable.  We would love to hear your needs and help you design the proper outdoor experience.  Whether you have a commercial property and want outdoor music or you simply want a backyard that has style and valuable sound, we can give you options that fit your budget.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to our trained elite audio team in Las Vegas today!


Elite A/V takes home 6 Certifications this Last Week.

Elite A/V values continuing education.  We go to great lengths and time to invest in learning the ever-changing options available in the home theater audio market today.  Last week we finished a 5-day course that earned us the titles of being ISF Video Calibration Certified in Levels 1,2, and 3 as well as THX Audio Calibration with HAA (The Home Acoustic Alliance) This may sound unfamiliar and over your head. This article will break down what these can mean for your home theater system if our professionals assist you. Keep on the lookout how Star Wars director George Lucas is tied into this award!

Calibration – The action of adjusting an instrument for dependable results.

Sadly, when new TVs are bought most people set them up and that’s that.  Millions of TVs are hopelessly waiting for someone to make them shine bright and be the best they can be! The disappointing truth behind pre-factory settings is they are garbage.  Settings such as contrast, color, backlight, motion processing, noise reduction and brightness are usually set too high and limit the beautiful picture your screen could have. That is where an expert can really give you a pristine look on a once dull television screen.

ISF and it’s crucial role in your enjoyment.

ISF stands for Imaging Science Foundation. This company has assisted the very best A/V manufacturers in raising the bar with high standards.  They train professionals to understand the ins and outs of display imaging and calibration.  The calibration, when completed properly, will take into account even the lighting in the room.  Are you starting to see why preset displays couldn’t possibly be the best? Every room is different with unique circumstances that require consideration.  Furthermore, it takes the layout of the room in an account as well as the equipment’s structure and capacities.

THX the force of good in the A/V world.

George Lucas, perhaps one of the greatest visionaries of all time sees a need for audio production to translate in theaters.  It was May 21st, 1982 when Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back just debuted in theaters.  George Lucas is feeling empowered by the audio created by John Williams, the Grammy award-winning composer.  To finalize the production George hires an audio scientist, Tomlinson Holman, to examine and improve the film audio throughout the entire production.

With so many unique sounds and nuances, the playback had to be just as good as the product.  The disappointment set in when the caliber was not met. George Lucas and his team designed a certification program to help every artist and manufacturers alike to adopt a higher level of audio recording and calibration.

THX most likely stands for Tomlinson Holman eXperience. This certification program today still remains one of the most recognized sonic identities in the world.

So what can a professionally trained THX calibrator do?

In contrast to ISF which focuses on the video, THX peers intently to the sound settings.  Listen to this short video and imagine hearing every decibel of sound your ears are capable of hearing.  Every instrument entrance and exit.

Plain and simple, you will benefit so much with just an adjustment to your settings.  A professional that is certified has the proper training and equipment to transform even a cheaper tv or projector into a brilliant picture.  Here are a few images of our courses that lasted 5 days.  Check them out and do not hesitate to give us a call.  Elite A/V serves the greater Las Vegas area and specializes in home theater wiring systems, smart home integrations, and now calibrations.  Our showroom is a great place to see first hand the level of quality we worked with.  Come take a look sometime!


A Showroom Designed to Educate You and Impress Your Senses.

For those of you who know Elite A/V our standards have always been high.  We now have a home theater showroom in Las Vegas that will take you to audio video dreamland! The technology on display features complete home automation control systems and a variety of home theater sound displays. Additionally, we have Salamander a/v furniture, security systems, a commercial cafe bar and a stylish game room.   We have packed this place out with tons of amazing products for you to experience!


Learn Smart Home Capabilities

Home automation technology has grown so much over the last few years.  Voice commands and remote control systems have never been more functional. We really do have it made in the shade! You can test out Alexa and movie and audio commands.  Home automation is at the next level when you bring Control4 on board. This remote is a fan favorite when it comes to quality and variation.  Prompt automatic Lutron window shades, color changing light displays, thermostat controls and more with the dynamic duo of Alexa and Control 4 integrations.

The Theater Experience

Throughout our showroom, there are strategic audio displays designed to impress your senses.

The theater room is where you can kick back on plush fortress theater designed seating, gaze up at a seamless 100″ projection, and take in two variations of theater sound systems.  Monitor Audio paired with Dolby Atmos and the other incredible display by Martin Logan with a 7.1 channel sound. Both radiate immense power and unique sound.  Other audio systems showcased are Monitor Audio, Triad Speakers, Dynaudio, Sonos and Bang and Olufsen.

Every Home theater in Las Vegas should have the sound that is enjoyable to watch a movie with. We want to educate you about the differences in sound, size, price, and technology. However, no matter the cost, we back up the quality of the products we offer! Each and every speaker has something to offer for your individual preferences.


Get your Game On!

Our game room is not shy of audio power. We have some pretty amazing floor standing KEF speakers on display for your entertainment. Play a round of shuffleboard or bumper pool and imagine what your game room could be with surround sound pumping through the ceiling. We want to help customize every space in your home to maximize your enjoyment with your friends and family.

Commercial Grade Electronic Displays

Your heart may already be pumped up at this point, however, the cafe area features an LG commercial menu board with a video panel display that will have you brainstorming ways to enhance your storefront or restaurant. Soon to come is a 70-volt commercial Sonance system that creates a personal experience in a large space.  , an alarm system panel


Finally, to protect our establishment we have an alarm system panel to demo for you that we feel is of the utmost importance in your home and business. If you love to explore new technology and enjoy learning about a variety of audio-video gadgets, we guarantee you will be happy with our selections.  Schedule a visit so we can demo all kinds of fun entertainment equipment for you!  Call us at 702-997-4108 to make your appointment today!

RIVA FESTIVAL The Mother of a Multi-room Wireless Speaker

The last article featured RIVA ARENA, the more compact version of the wireless speaker from the RIVA Wand Series. This article will highlight RIVA FESTIVAL a larger and more dynamic version in this series.

 The Quality of Design is Remarkable for Such a Small Speaker.

First and foremost, this bad boy is upgraded with an elegant wood enclosure surrounding three woofers, three tweeters, and 4 passive radiators. Can you believe all that fits in 14 x 7-inch speaker?  This design reproduces more of the musical spectrum than any comparable product currently on the market. That’s impressive!

The RIVA Difference!

The FESTIVAL audio design utilizes high-performance acoustic components to deliver an audio quality that truly reciprocates live audio.  Additionally, their patented 3-channel audio technology Trillium™ captures stereo imagining in the finest and most sought after way.

You may wonder, what is stereo imaging? Imaging refers to the aspect of sound recording and reproduction.  When sound is recorded in a professional studio, the placement of instruments, artist, and microphone in the sound booth make all the difference.  RIVA speakers are designed to highlight those unique locations and depth.  Moreover, an image (placement of sound) is considered to be good if the location of the performers can be clearly located. On the other hand, the image is considered to be poor if the location of the performers is difficult to locate.

Stereo and Ambisonic Recordings

According to one reference, a well-made stereo recording, properly reproduced, can provide good imaging within the front quadrant; a well-made Ambisonic recording, properly reproduced, can offer good imaging all around the listener and even including height information.

Envision you are sitting in a room with a band behind you and the artist in front of you. It’s as though music is 3D, that is the type of amazing quality you can expect from these wireless speakers.  Immersive sound with deep, powerful bass is key to a pleasing experience.

Other Specs:

With a whopping 200 watts of power, this wireless speaker can charge your tablet or phone with its’ USB port.  Endless hours of fun with connectivity options including Wi-Fi, DLNA, DDMS, AirPlay, and Bluetooth. Stream unlimited audio content through Chromecast built-in and Spotify® Connect. FESTIVAL supports high-resolution audio up to 24-bit/192kHz so you don’t miss any detail.

Why Elite A/V backs up This Brand

All things considered, As of 2017, RIVA Audio has received some of the highest awards in the world of high-performance wireless audio. No doubt, we had to jump on board with such a high standard of sound.  It’s no wonder our customers in Las Vegas love this product.  See for yourself in person how powerful a compact wireless speaker can be!  When given the choice, choose professional options over consumer products out there.

Let us help! Call today 702.997.4108 to visit our fully remodeled show rooms to gain home theater inspiration.  The speaker choices will surely impress any listener.

Cover image of Riva Arena by the pool.

RIVA ARENA – Wireless Speakers that Pack a Punch!

The lives we live are fast-paced. Having a speaker to take on the go reaps great benefits.  For this reason,  there is much to consider when purchasing a compact speaker to fit the role of many jobs. We are happy to boast about these remarkable little wireless speakers that are packed with innovative technology.  First, let’s take a journey in time back to the early 70’s to see why these speakers exist.

The Roots of RIVA

The founder is regarded as a true “Golden Ears” throughout the music industry with a deep passion for delivering the real truth and joy of music. Beginning his career in the UK, Rikki Farr, was in the heart of the music industry.  He hosted the infamous 1970 Isle of Wight, which was said at the time to be one of the largest human gatherings in the world. With estimates of over 650,000, this event surpassed the attendance at Woodstock. The line-up featured some incredible artists such as The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and The Doors.  Ricky later developed a touring company and produced 4,700 shows with leading artists Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rod Stewart, Tom Petty, Bob Marley, Bob Seger, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, and much, much more.

In addition, Ricky is no stranger to live music. His experience drove the passion to create the “Riva philosophy”.   The philosophy basically is to design and produce speakers and technology that can reproduce music and sound so pure you can hear the future.

Why Elite A/V Recommends this Wireless Speaker

As of 2017, RIVA Audio has received some of the highest awards in the world of high-performance wireless audio. Of course, we had to jump on board with such a high standard of sound.  So what are the specs of this roaring lion packed in a little body?

This two part article will feature our favorite two wireless speakers: RIVA ARENA and RIVA FESTIVAL Let us see which one is right for you.

The Small but Powerful RIVA ARENA

Arena speaker on kitchen counter

A compact multi-room wireless speaker that delivers stereophonic sound. What exactly is stereophonic? It is a sound reproduction using two or more separate channels (Arena having 3)to capture the dimensions of a performance. The depth is separated into the performer and their acoustic surroundings. This elevates your experience and allows your ears to resonate with a realistic sound of a live concert.

Pretty incredible huh? Not to mention lightly, the speaker doubles as a USB charger and is equipped with Spotify connect and Chromecast built-in for unlimited streaming capabilities.

Designed and Engineered from the Inside Out.

  • 50 watts of power
  • The Arena connects with Wifi or with Bluetooth, Airplay, DDMS, and DLNA.
  • It supports High-resolution audio up to 24-bit/ 192kHz
  • Play all of your favorite audio hassle free, from any source and anywhere you want. No Wi-Fi required!
  • Optional battery pack allows 20+ hours before recharging.

All things considered, this speaker from the wand series of Riva audio is an exceptional choice if a compact speaker is a huge asset you want to have.  If size isn’t the most concerning feature, you may like the RIVA FESTIVAL. Keep a look out for the next article.

Elite Now Offers Super Sleek Audio Video Furniture!

Salamander is no doubt leading the industry with well built audio video Cabinets.  We wanted to offer these gorgeous designs with our services.  Check out some of the looks and features below that are on display in our showroom here in Las Vegas.  Explore what style speaks to your personality.

Each cabinet is engineered specifically for the purpose to satisfy the functional requirements of professional AV Integrators and AV enthusiasts. It’s no wonder Salamander earned the title of #1 Brand of AV Furniture by CE Pro Magazine. Elite A/V LLC in Las Vegas is happy to offer such an outstanding home theater cabinet.

Are you wondering why the need for a special Audio Video Cabinet?

Consider all of your home theater gadgets, cords, and speakers.  Housing these items under the right conditions are crucial to making your expensive equipment last.  For instance, proper ventilation can significantly decrease malfunction, extending the life of your components.  A/V cabinets ensure proper storage with the ability to tailor accessories to your families needs.  Your cabinet should reflect on your preferences in technology.

Furthermore, high-end electronic components are typically deeper and heavier than standard components.  As professional audio video installers, we suggest to rack-mount your devices on an industry compliant cabinet frame for the best support.

Finally, these cabinets assist with the look and feel of your home decor, having a place to hide your electronics and give a clean overall classy look to your home theater. So lets look at designs, shall we?

Which Style do you gravitate to?

Are you Contemporary, Urban, Metropolitan?

Barcelona would be a fit for you! With a clean cutting edge design, beveled edges and precision miter joints, this beauty is highlighted with a Natural Walnut finish and Gloss White doors.  Variations are also available in Natural Cherry finish and Smoked Glass doors.

Are You a Contemporary Minimalist?

Then the Chicago Salamander Design is right for you! Lightly textured, black oak doors with black, tempered glass on top, this beauty is sleek and exotic just like a salamander itself.

How about Rustic Contemporary?

If you like a warm cozy home, then the Dever style is for you! Deeply embossed, horizontal grains resemble wheat stalks. The simplicity of the natural wood is clean, rustic and enhances the chocolate brown glass top. Variations of this cabinet are natural light oak instead of the walnut finish.

The size and shape variations are extensive too! We want to help you as we educate all our customers how they can enjoy their home theater in the very best way.  Reliable, sturdy furniture is a great start.  As a home theater installation company in the heart of the entertainment capital, Las Vegas we expect the best of the best in the products we offer.  We especially like how Salamander Designs walk the walk and back up their pieces.  Take a look at their guarantee.

Learn more by visiting our website at www.LVAVS.com and Call Elite A/V LLC today for audio video needs in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, and Green Valley areas.

702.997.4108 prefer to email? Click here!

Stay connected with us and explore lots of incredible gadgets and tips:



Martin Logan’s Speakers

Martin Logan is sweeping the speaker design nation with elegant modern and unique looking high fidelity speakers.  They sound fantastic and they rock in the home décor department.  So what’s with the panels and how do they work? Let’s take a deeper look at the technology behind the static electro panels and become mad scientists together.

Electro Static Panels

The Martin Logan speakers have an innovative curved translucent panel that is equipped with an electrostatic transducer.  We have all experienced static electricity before.  You know, when the hairs on your head go straight up and float around in mid space.  Yeah, that kind of static.  If you can’t recall I’m giving you a reference of this cute kid.


Moving on.  So What is Electrostatic?

It has to do with the movement of positive and negative electricity through a conductor. Take a look at this diagram below.  An electrostatic transducer has three basic components- stators, a diaphragm, and spars (non-conductive spacers) – assembled as a sandwich.  The diaphragm is made out of a ultra-light plastic film, infused with an electrically conductive material and stretched taut between the two stators, which are perforated steel sheets coated with an insulator.

When the speaker is operating the diaphragm is being charged with a fixed positive voltage from the power supply and the stators charging one negative and the other charging positive from the amplifier through a transformer.As the magic of electrons grow, like charges repel and opposite charges attract, the diaphragm’s positive charge will force it to move forward or backward depending on the stator charges.

This is how an electrostatic transducer translates an electrical audio signal into diaphragm motion to produce sound waves in the room.  Whew!  It can be tricky to understand.  Hopefully, I haven’t lost you yet.

To help stiffen the panel (it’s very important that only the diaphragm move) and to prevent the diaphragm from ever coming too close to a statornon-conductive strips called spars are placed width wise at intervals along each stator’s length.

What are the Advantages of Electrostatic vs. the Conventional Loudspeaker?

The drivers in a conventional loudspeaker have diaphragms attached to coils of wire, called voice coils. See diagram below. Current from an amplifier flows through these coils, creating a fluctuating electromagnetic field that interacts with the field of a fixed permanent magnet to cause diaphragm motion, and thus sound. The diaphragm has very little movement and needs to be 100% rigid.  If the diaphragm flexes or bends at all, the result typically causes distortion of some kind and an uneven response.  Tweeter diaphragms especially need to be light to be light and precise. It is nearly impossible with real materials and this design to make the sound flawless.

In comparison, the electrostatic diaphragm is light as it needs to be, flexible and driven uniformly over its entire surface.  In fact, the diaphragm (ultra light plastic) is so weightless that the air it moves is heavier than the diaphragm itself.  hat, together with the transducer’s distortion-canceling push-pull mode of operation, enables the diaphragm to trace even the most delicate sonic details with absolute precision. Martin Logan clearly has a unique twist on conventional audio technology.


Furthermore, controlled dispersion is a key factor in making this product outstanding. As a home theater guru, you want the sound waves rippling out toward the sides of the transducer to meet at the speaker’s edge and cancel. Conventional loudspeakers generally, minimizes side-wall reflections that tend to muddle sonic detail and stereo imaging. While the reduction in output to the sides contributes to the astonishing clarity for which electro stats are revered, the energy reflected off the wall behind the speaker opens up and deepens the sound.

A Company that will deliver.

All and all, these bad boys are a force to be reckoned with. Our company Elite A/V LLC loves being able to offer such a killer high-quality speaker installation coupled with an understanding of the product and why it is so valuable for your home.  As we like to break down the driving technology, understanding all of this is not required for you to enjoy the sound! Hearing these speakers really speaks volumes for themselves.  Schedule an appointment to come test our Martin Logan’s on display at our office located at 3611 S Lindell Rd Las Vegas, NV 89103.

Let us help you get started on a high-quality home theater system installation that is right for your budget and desired needs.  We have the experience to back up quality home theater work and we have the right partners to ensure you get the highest quality standards with any budget.  We are also skilled in hanging televisions, hiding cables, in-ceiling speaker wiring, projectors and more. Why not see for yourselves? Give us a call to make an appointment today in sunny Las Vegas. 702.997.4108


For those of you that want an in-depth understanding of electrostatic panels, hop on over to Martin Logan’s write up on the theory of electrostatic.

What Speakers are the Best Fit For You?

Upgrade Your Speakers Intelligently.

You may find yourself wanting to upgrade your theater system but are unsure what you really need.  We want you to have top notch quality at the level that fits your lifestyle. You don’t necessarily need large speakers or a full 7.1-channel surround system to get great sound. Take a moment to think about how you interpret music.

What Type of Listener are You?

Are you an active listener who plays close attention to details? Do you engage in the music, listening for little nuances, trying to determine the artist’s intention? Or are you a passive listener who plays music to set a mood or performing an activity while music plays in the background?

If you are a passive listener a pair of quality bookshelf speakers or in-wall speakers may be the perfect compliment to occasional TV and movies. What if you want more bass?  A small subwoofer can deliver the extra low end to add drama to the setting.

If you are more of an active listener, or simply want the option of having your hair stand up on the back of your neck, a pair of monitors or floor-standing speakers may be the solution. Remember that a small floor-standing speaker with multiple drivers can deliver a really full-sounding highly satisfying music experience without taking a ton of space.
If you are desiring to beef up the sound for movie night and occasional music listening, a sound bar and a wireless subwoofer combination could be the ticket.

Finally, there is the film fanatic, you know who you are! This level of audio enjoyment requires the full on surround sound experience! A 360 degree high definition sound from precise angles in multiple areas of your room can create that “sweet spot” where the sound may just knock your socks off while reclining.

In conclusion, your lifestyle and desires need to be matched with the ever advancing technology field of home audio.  We want you to understand the basics and we will help you figure out the rest.

Theater Installation You Can Justify.

Let us take the guess work out of your choices and home theater installation. There are countless quality options we can provide from leading speakers in the industry such as Monitor Audio, Martin Logan’s, Sonos, Krell, and Integra to name a few. Furthermore, you cannot go wrong with top quality at affordable prices. Our sound trained professionals at Elite A/V can handle providing you with the best options that suit your personal needs.  Call us today for advice and price quote options for your upgraded theater sound. We will do our best to make you 100% happy with your new theater equipment.


Ever wonder why music can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Check out the related blog: Music That Gives You Chills.

Music That Gives You Chills


An epic song comes on at just the right time. What is your body’s reaction? Perhaps you have felt a spine tingling sensation right before the music peaks. If you have, you’re not alone. According to a recent study, about 50 percent of people get chills when listening to music. The song stimulates the brain, encouraging dopamine to flood the striatum—a part of the forebrain activated by reward and motivation. Your personality has a lot to do with how powerful the effect music can have but sound quality has everything to do with your experience.

The Impact of Good Speakers

What does your sound system reveal about your experience? Most people don’t realize poor quality speakers take away all the details that matter.  In contrast, a high quality sound system enriches your audio experience more fully, allowing you to hear texture in a song.  Have you heard of the “colors of music” before?  This terms refers to texture – or layers in a track.  Perhaps you can recall hearing a vocalist sing acapella at the start of a song. Before long, in chimes the sweet sound of a piano and by time the drums hit the track your body and mind are completely engaged!  As a result, the layers combined created an overload on your senses and BAM you experience the chills. This is the type of sound you want in your home theater system. Good quality that brings out the best in the song composed.

Health Benefits of Music

Music has tremendous value in our life whether we know it or not. Every single person on the planet has experienced the health benefits that come with listening, or even better, singing a good tune. Sound arranged in the right chords have the power to ease stress, enhance our mood, increase our workout endurance, improve blood circulation, and even heal physical and emotional pain. In addition, when you sing, your vocal chords vibrate in such a way that it has a direct positive impact on your nervous system.  Now that is really cool! As the legendary musician Prince put it: “The key to longevity is to learn every aspect of music that you can.”

Reward Yourself With the Best!

So many of our Las Vegas customers at Elite A/V are floored when they feel the sound of  their new theater system for the first time. It’s exhilarating to hear your favorite song in a way you have never experienced before. We want you to get the sound you deserve. Purchasing a good quality home theater system and getting professional installation is an investment that you will never regret.

Imagine coming home from a long day’s work to improved sound in your living space. Your sound system will give you years of enjoyment and you may even get the chills more often.


Still trying to decide how to upgrade your home audio?  Learn more about yourself and your listening preferences here: What Speakers Are the Best Fit for You?

Krell Elite Sound

Your Home Theater Deserves The Best

You have a beautiful theater room. You have the comfy couch, the high resolution projector, and even the popcorn maker. But what might be missing from your ultimate home theater experience? The elite sound experience that your home theater deserves. So what do you do?

Krell Industries Ultimate Performance

Krell makes some of the best home audio equipment and we specialize in not only installation but proper placement, sizing, and calibration. What makes Krell speakers so advanced? Every minor detail has been thoroughly engineered to provide the best audio performance. For example, use of solid aluminum slabs to construct woofer towers to prevent sonic resonances. Heavy glass epoxy circuit boards to minimize signal loss. High quality WIMA polypropylene capacitors also prevent signal loss. And these are just to name a few innovations. There’s a reason Krell has won multiple “Best of the Year” awards from audio magazines.

Not just speakers

Krell also makes amazing amplifiers that are busting at the seams with advanced audio technology. When Krell speakers are paired with the proper amplifier your sound goes from just good to amazing. Krell supplies equipment that every audiophile and home theater aficionado wants to take their home audio to the next level.

Call today to let Elite A/V LLC educate you on Krell products and demonstrate their powerful performance!