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RIVA ARENA – Wireless Speakers that Pack a Punch!

The lives we live are fast-paced. Having a speaker to take on the go reaps great benefits.  For this reason,  there is much to consider when purchasing a compact speaker to fit the role of many jobs. We are happy to boast about these remarkable little wireless speakers that are packed with innovative technology.  First, let’s take a journey in time back to the early 70’s to see why these speakers exist.

The Roots of RIVA

The founder is regarded as a true “Golden Ears” throughout the music industry with a deep passion for delivering the real truth and joy of music. Beginning his career in the UK, Rikki Farr, was in the heart of the music industry.  He hosted the infamous 1970 Isle of Wight, which was said at the time to be one of the largest human gatherings in the world. With estimates of over 650,000, this event surpassed the attendance at Woodstock. The line-up featured some incredible artists such as The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and The Doors.  Ricky later developed a touring company and produced 4,700 shows with leading artists Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rod Stewart, Tom Petty, Bob Marley, Bob Seger, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, and much, much more.

In addition, Ricky is no stranger to live music. His experience drove the passion to create the “Riva philosophy”.   The philosophy basically is to design and produce speakers and technology that can reproduce music and sound so pure you can hear the future.

Why Elite A/V Recommends this Wireless Speaker

As of 2017, RIVA Audio has received some of the highest awards in the world of high-performance wireless audio. Of course, we had to jump on board with such a high standard of sound.  So what are the specs of this roaring lion packed in a little body?

This two part article will feature our favorite two wireless speakers: RIVA ARENA and RIVA FESTIVAL Let us see which one is right for you.

The Small but Powerful RIVA ARENA

Arena speaker on kitchen counter

A compact multi-room wireless speaker that delivers stereophonic sound. What exactly is stereophonic? It is a sound reproduction using two or more separate channels (Arena having 3)to capture the dimensions of a performance. The depth is separated into the performer and their acoustic surroundings. This elevates your experience and allows your ears to resonate with a realistic sound of a live concert.

Pretty incredible huh? Not to mention lightly, the speaker doubles as a USB charger and is equipped with Spotify connect and Chromecast built-in for unlimited streaming capabilities.

Designed and Engineered from the Inside Out.

  • 50 watts of power
  • The Arena connects with Wifi or with Bluetooth, Airplay, DDMS, and DLNA.
  • It supports High-resolution audio up to 24-bit/ 192kHz
  • Play all of your favorite audio hassle free, from any source and anywhere you want. No Wi-Fi required!
  • Optional battery pack allows 20+ hours before recharging.

All things considered, this speaker from the wand series of Riva audio is an exceptional choice if a compact speaker is a huge asset you want to have.  If size isn’t the most concerning feature, you may like the RIVA FESTIVAL. Keep a look out for the next article.

What Speakers are the Best Fit For You?

Upgrade Your Speakers Intelligently.

You may find yourself wanting to upgrade your theater system but are unsure what you really need.  We want you to have top notch quality at the level that fits your lifestyle. You don’t necessarily need large speakers or a full 7.1-channel surround system to get great sound. Take a moment to think about how you interpret music.

What Type of Listener are You?

Are you an active listener who plays close attention to details? Do you engage in the music, listening for little nuances, trying to determine the artist’s intention? Or are you a passive listener who plays music to set a mood or performing an activity while music plays in the background?

If you are a passive listener a pair of quality bookshelf speakers or in-wall speakers may be the perfect compliment to occasional TV and movies. What if you want more bass?  A small subwoofer can deliver the extra low end to add drama to the setting.

If you are more of an active listener, or simply want the option of having your hair stand up on the back of your neck, a pair of monitors or floor-standing speakers may be the solution. Remember that a small floor-standing speaker with multiple drivers can deliver a really full-sounding highly satisfying music experience without taking a ton of space.
If you are desiring to beef up the sound for movie night and occasional music listening, a sound bar and a wireless subwoofer combination could be the ticket.

Finally, there is the film fanatic, you know who you are! This level of audio enjoyment requires the full on surround sound experience! A 360 degree high definition sound from precise angles in multiple areas of your room can create that “sweet spot” where the sound may just knock your socks off while reclining.

In conclusion, your lifestyle and desires need to be matched with the ever advancing technology field of home audio.  We want you to understand the basics and we will help you figure out the rest.

Theater Installation You Can Justify.

Let us take the guess work out of your choices and home theater installation. There are countless quality options we can provide from leading speakers in the industry such as Monitor Audio, Martin Logan’s, Sonos, Krell, and Integra to name a few. Furthermore, you cannot go wrong with top quality at affordable prices. Our sound trained professionals at Elite A/V can handle providing you with the best options that suit your personal needs.  Call us today for advice and price quote options for your upgraded theater sound. We will do our best to make you 100% happy with your new theater equipment.


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Music That Gives You Chills


An epic song comes on at just the right time. What is your body’s reaction? Perhaps you have felt a spine tingling sensation right before the music peaks. If you have, you’re not alone. According to a recent study, about 50 percent of people get chills when listening to music. The song stimulates the brain, encouraging dopamine to flood the striatum—a part of the forebrain activated by reward and motivation. Your personality has a lot to do with how powerful the effect music can have but sound quality has everything to do with your experience.

The Impact of Good Speakers

What does your sound system reveal about your experience? Most people don’t realize poor quality speakers take away all the details that matter.  In contrast, a high quality sound system enriches your audio experience more fully, allowing you to hear texture in a song.  Have you heard of the “colors of music” before?  This terms refers to texture – or layers in a track.  Perhaps you can recall hearing a vocalist sing acapella at the start of a song. Before long, in chimes the sweet sound of a piano and by time the drums hit the track your body and mind are completely engaged!  As a result, the layers combined created an overload on your senses and BAM you experience the chills. This is the type of sound you want in your home theater system. Good quality that brings out the best in the song composed.

Health Benefits of Music

Music has tremendous value in our life whether we know it or not. Every single person on the planet has experienced the health benefits that come with listening, or even better, singing a good tune. Sound arranged in the right chords have the power to ease stress, enhance our mood, increase our workout endurance, improve blood circulation, and even heal physical and emotional pain. In addition, when you sing, your vocal chords vibrate in such a way that it has a direct positive impact on your nervous system.  Now that is really cool! As the legendary musician Prince put it: “The key to longevity is to learn every aspect of music that you can.”

Reward Yourself With the Best!

So many of our Las Vegas customers at Elite A/V are floored when they feel the sound of  their new theater system for the first time. It’s exhilarating to hear your favorite song in a way you have never experienced before. We want you to get the sound you deserve. Purchasing a good quality home theater system and getting professional installation is an investment that you will never regret.

Imagine coming home from a long day’s work to improved sound in your living space. Your sound system will give you years of enjoyment and you may even get the chills more often.


Still trying to decide how to upgrade your home audio?  Learn more about yourself and your listening preferences here: What Speakers Are the Best Fit for You?

Krell Elite Sound

Your Home Theater Deserves The Best

You have a beautiful theater room. You have the comfy couch, the high resolution projector, and even the popcorn maker. But what might be missing from your ultimate home theater experience? The elite sound experience that your home theater deserves. So what do you do?

Krell Industries Ultimate Performance

Krell makes some of the best home audio equipment and we specialize in not only installation but proper placement, sizing, and calibration. What makes Krell speakers so advanced? Every minor detail has been thoroughly engineered to provide the best audio performance. For example, use of solid aluminum slabs to construct woofer towers to prevent sonic resonances. Heavy glass epoxy circuit boards to minimize signal loss. High quality WIMA polypropylene capacitors also prevent signal loss. And these are just to name a few innovations. There’s a reason Krell has won multiple “Best of the Year” awards from audio magazines.

Not just speakers

Krell also makes amazing amplifiers that are busting at the seams with advanced audio technology. When Krell speakers are paired with the proper amplifier your sound goes from just good to amazing. Krell supplies equipment that every audiophile and home theater aficionado wants to take their home audio to the next level.

Call today to let Elite A/V LLC educate you on Krell products and demonstrate their powerful performance!