Outdoor Living Speakers

Have you experienced outdoor speakers before? As the weather is warming up, many have their minds on enjoying the outdoors.  Spring is around the corner.  Las Vegas especially is beautiful at this time.  While the desert has it’s momentary sprout, we can enjoy the benefits of soaking up the sun.  Sitting outside in the cool, crisp, dry weather is why living out west is sensational.  If you haven’t looked into adding outdoor speakers for your commercial patio or backyard, you are really missing out. This article will explain why good outdoor living speakers can contribute to you and your guests’ ultimate enjoyment.

Powerful Sound = Powerful Experience

Before you go to grab your wireless Bluetooth speaker, consider the benefits of multiple angles of crisp sound playing your favorite summertime jams.  The fact of the matter is, the quality of music does play a role in how we feel.  The better you feel, the more productive your environment is.  A muffled sound that fades as a loud motorcycle goes by could really be irritating.  On the contrast, having UV ray resistant, and waterproof surround sound with exterior subwoofers is sure to boost any listeners mood. The ascetics are important to note as well, crystal clear sound creating an ambiance all awhile hidden under plants and rock displays make the magic feel even more real.

Furthermore, imagine the enjoyment you and your guests can experience.  Spending quality time outside with loved ones has a plethora of health and social benefits. The physiological, physical, and emotional effects of music have been receiving growing recognition. While listening to pleasant music, specific brain regions are triggered, activating reward, autonomic response, and cognitive processing deepening the social bond.  (US National Library of Medicine).

Now that we have established how a power experience can feel like let’s discuss some logistics.

The Elite Decision

Just like indoor speakers, there is a lot of options.  It may feel overwhelming to narrow down a choice.  We have a favorite in mind, Sonance. From courtyards and patios to entire residential estates or resort gardens, Sonance is one of the leaders in high fidelity sound for the great outdoors.  Their speakers are scalable to any need your yard or commercial property may need.

The Sonance experience can go 1 of 3 ways.  The Sonance Landscape Series includes small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers. These satellite speakers feature all-weather materials.  There are three different model sizes that can suit any sized space and desired volume.  The sound can go from ambient background music to the level of a rock concert depending on your preference.

The Second option, Sonnaray SR1 System, features eight satellite speakers and a below-ground subwoofer designed to fill areas of up to 2000 square feet. This package pairs with a stereo amplifier to assist with tuning and testing the system while maximizing performance in any hardscape or the soft scape environment.

The third option is a fun one, rock speakers! Available in either granite or brown finishes, the construction is well thought out with durable water-resistant materials designed to withstand some of the harshest outdoor environments. This style is perfect for courtyards and patios.

Of course, this is just one of our favorite brands.  There are other brands that are suitable.  We would love to hear your needs and help you design the proper outdoor experience.  Whether you have a commercial property and want outdoor music or you simply want a backyard that has style and valuable sound, we can give you options that fit your budget.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to our trained elite audio team in Las Vegas today!


A Showroom Designed to Educate You and Impress Your Senses.

For those of you who know Elite A/V our standards have always been high.  We now have a home theater showroom in Las Vegas that will take you to audio video dreamland! The technology on display features complete home automation control systems and a variety of home theater sound displays. Additionally, we have Salamander a/v furniture, security systems, a commercial cafe bar and a stylish game room.   We have packed this place out with tons of amazing products for you to experience!


Learn Smart Home Capabilities

Home automation technology has grown so much over the last few years.  Voice commands and remote control systems have never been more functional. We really do have it made in the shade! You can test out Alexa and movie and audio commands.  Home automation is at the next level when you bring Control4 on board. This remote is a fan favorite when it comes to quality and variation.  Prompt automatic Lutron window shades, color changing light displays, thermostat controls and more with the dynamic duo of Alexa and Control 4 integrations.

The Theater Experience

Throughout our showroom, there are strategic audio displays designed to impress your senses.

The theater room is where you can kick back on plush fortress theater designed seating, gaze up at a seamless 100″ projection, and take in two variations of theater sound systems.  Monitor Audio paired with Dolby Atmos and the other incredible display by Martin Logan with a 7.1 channel sound. Both radiate immense power and unique sound.  Other audio systems showcased are Monitor Audio, Triad Speakers, Dynaudio, Sonos and Bang and Olufsen.

Every Home theater in Las Vegas should have the sound that is enjoyable to watch a movie with. We want to educate you about the differences in sound, size, price, and technology. However, no matter the cost, we back up the quality of the products we offer! Each and every speaker has something to offer for your individual preferences.


Get your Game On!

Our game room is not shy of audio power. We have some pretty amazing floor standing KEF speakers on display for your entertainment. Play a round of shuffleboard or bumper pool and imagine what your game room could be with surround sound pumping through the ceiling. We want to help customize every space in your home to maximize your enjoyment with your friends and family.

Commercial Grade Electronic Displays

Your heart may already be pumped up at this point, however, the cafe area features an LG commercial menu board with a video panel display that will have you brainstorming ways to enhance your storefront or restaurant. Soon to come is a 70-volt commercial Sonance system that creates a personal experience in a large space.  , an alarm system panel


Finally, to protect our establishment we have an alarm system panel to demo for you that we feel is of the utmost importance in your home and business. If you love to explore new technology and enjoy learning about a variety of audio-video gadgets, we guarantee you will be happy with our selections.  Schedule a visit so we can demo all kinds of fun entertainment equipment for you!  Call us at 702-997-4108 to make your appointment today!

Streaming Music at Your Workplace. Is it Legal?

Business owners red come in we're open sign

Business owners with great reason love streaming music for their clients and staff.  Music changes the consumer experience by a great deal.


  • 40% of clients spend more time in the store if they feel the music is well chosen.
  • Better music = more time spent = more sales.


  • 21% recommend you if they felt good with the music
  • 31% come back if the music is appropriate


  • 97% of general managers of the best retailers in the world say that music strengthens the brand personality.

Notably, these facts from snail music are a powerful statement. With that said, streaming music companies such as Pandora or Spotify in a workplace has complications and legal limits. Our goal is to break down legalities of music in a business setting and help you avoid any mishaps or penalties.  In addition to, providing you with reliable options of streaming music legally.

streaming music on a personal device

Streaming Music Services are Usually Limited to Personal Use.

When a song plays, you may find yourself using the expression “this is my song!” However, while we may have emotionally adopted the song, it still legally belongs to the songwriter who created it and the music publisher who markets it. To use their property in a public setting, you need to ask permission. The term for commercial licensing is “public performance” that is, a gathering of people in a public place not including social settings of a small circle of family or friends. Licensing agencies like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC actively seek out businesses using unlicensed music and assess fines and penalties. These agencies are actually enforcing U.S. copyright law by collecting royalty fees and paying them to the musicians and songwriters that created the music.  Therefore, a public performance license is required in order to stream owned music.

Old school boombox

What about CDs, Tapes, Radio or TV?

Permission is needed to play records or tapes in your establishment. Interestingly, the ASCAP highlights permission for radio and television transmissions in your business is not needed. A problem to consider with radio or television is the annoying commercials in between that could drive consumers out of your business.

What About Streaming Music Just For Staff?

There is a bit of a gray area on playing music for your staff.  It’s important to note that, licensing is not required for the “private performance” of songs. There have been many lawsuits that stem from the disagreement of what constitutes as a public or private performance.  Nevertheless, one can convincingly argue that a group of fewer than five co-workers listening to streaming music within the confines of their office is a private performance.  As the number of employees grows, the closer you get to the threshold of a public performance.

Commercial Licensing vs. A  Music Service.

More often than not, a commercial license is limited to mood music. This mood music you hear in the background at a doctor’s office, hair salon, or grocery store. A commercial license doesn’t cover service for music used to accompany dancing (including ballrooms and dance studios), bowling, skating or instructed health club classes; or for music used in a location where a cover charge is charged. (Guide Through Legal Jungle)

In comparison, the benefit to obtaining your business music via a service is that all the licensing is in their hands. Your company will not need to directly interact with the Pros.

Elite A/V Recommends SiriusXM for Business.

At any rate, the cost of worry can be compared to a heavy load.  Lifting that burden and getting a quality service is what we recommend. SiriusXM for business requires a low monthly fee and a one-time purchase of The Grace Digital Business Music Player or Sonos wireless products.  This option allows you to play music directly from the internet over your business stereo or phone system. It’s perfect for anything from medical clinics to hotel restaurants, streaming over 50,000 stations with high-quality digital sound for your listening enjoyment.

sirius xm radio for commercial streaming

sonos product and full line of speakers

In conclusion, We would be happy to help you figure out what music choice is best for your business. Call us today to find out what streaming service and equipment we recommend for your specific needs.  A well-respected technician would be happy to answer any of your questions.