Outdoor Living Speakers

Have you experienced outdoor speakers before? As the weather is warming up, many have their minds on enjoying the outdoors.  Spring is around the corner.  Las Vegas especially is beautiful at this time.  While the desert has it’s momentary sprout, we can enjoy the benefits of soaking up the sun.  Sitting outside in the cool, crisp, dry weather is why living out west is sensational.  If you haven’t looked into adding outdoor speakers for your commercial patio or backyard, you are really missing out. This article will explain why good outdoor living speakers can contribute to you and your guests’ ultimate enjoyment.

Powerful Sound = Powerful Experience

Before you go to grab your wireless Bluetooth speaker, consider the benefits of multiple angles of crisp sound playing your favorite summertime jams.  The fact of the matter is, the quality of music does play a role in how we feel.  The better you feel, the more productive your environment is.  A muffled sound that fades as a loud motorcycle goes by could really be irritating.  On the contrast, having UV ray resistant, and waterproof surround sound with exterior subwoofers is sure to boost any listeners mood. The ascetics are important to note as well, crystal clear sound creating an ambiance all awhile hidden under plants and rock displays make the magic feel even more real.

Furthermore, imagine the enjoyment you and your guests can experience.  Spending quality time outside with loved ones has a plethora of health and social benefits. The physiological, physical, and emotional effects of music have been receiving growing recognition. While listening to pleasant music, specific brain regions are triggered, activating reward, autonomic response, and cognitive processing deepening the social bond.  (US National Library of Medicine).

Now that we have established how a power experience can feel like let’s discuss some logistics.

The Elite Decision

Just like indoor speakers, there is a lot of options.  It may feel overwhelming to narrow down a choice.  We have a favorite in mind, Sonance. From courtyards and patios to entire residential estates or resort gardens, Sonance is one of the leaders in high fidelity sound for the great outdoors.  Their speakers are scalable to any need your yard or commercial property may need.

The Sonance experience can go 1 of 3 ways.  The Sonance Landscape Series includes small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers. These satellite speakers feature all-weather materials.  There are three different model sizes that can suit any sized space and desired volume.  The sound can go from ambient background music to the level of a rock concert depending on your preference.

The Second option, Sonnaray SR1 System, features eight satellite speakers and a below-ground subwoofer designed to fill areas of up to 2000 square feet. This package pairs with a stereo amplifier to assist with tuning and testing the system while maximizing performance in any hardscape or the soft scape environment.

The third option is a fun one, rock speakers! Available in either granite or brown finishes, the construction is well thought out with durable water-resistant materials designed to withstand some of the harshest outdoor environments. This style is perfect for courtyards and patios.

Of course, this is just one of our favorite brands.  There are other brands that are suitable.  We would love to hear your needs and help you design the proper outdoor experience.  Whether you have a commercial property and want outdoor music or you simply want a backyard that has style and valuable sound, we can give you options that fit your budget.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to our trained elite audio team in Las Vegas today!


Elite A/V takes home 6 Certifications this Last Week.

Elite A/V values continuing education.  We go to great lengths and time to invest in learning the ever-changing options available in the home theater audio market today.  Last week we finished a 5-day course that earned us the titles of being ISF Video Calibration Certified in Levels 1,2, and 3 as well as THX Audio Calibration with HAA (The Home Acoustic Alliance) This may sound unfamiliar and over your head. This article will break down what these can mean for your home theater system if our professionals assist you. Keep on the lookout how Star Wars director George Lucas is tied into this award!

Calibration – The action of adjusting an instrument for dependable results.

Sadly, when new TVs are bought most people set them up and that’s that.  Millions of TVs are hopelessly waiting for someone to make them shine bright and be the best they can be! The disappointing truth behind pre-factory settings is they are garbage.  Settings such as contrast, color, backlight, motion processing, noise reduction and brightness are usually set too high and limit the beautiful picture your screen could have. That is where an expert can really give you a pristine look on a once dull television screen.

ISF and it’s crucial role in your enjoyment.

ISF stands for Imaging Science Foundation. This company has assisted the very best A/V manufacturers in raising the bar with high standards.  They train professionals to understand the ins and outs of display imaging and calibration.  The calibration, when completed properly, will take into account even the lighting in the room.  Are you starting to see why preset displays couldn’t possibly be the best? Every room is different with unique circumstances that require consideration.  Furthermore, it takes the layout of the room in an account as well as the equipment’s structure and capacities.

THX the force of good in the A/V world.

George Lucas, perhaps one of the greatest visionaries of all time sees a need for audio production to translate in theaters.  It was May 21st, 1982 when Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back just debuted in theaters.  George Lucas is feeling empowered by the audio created by John Williams, the Grammy award-winning composer.  To finalize the production George hires an audio scientist, Tomlinson Holman, to examine and improve the film audio throughout the entire production.

With so many unique sounds and nuances, the playback had to be just as good as the product.  The disappointment set in when the caliber was not met. George Lucas and his team designed a certification program to help every artist and manufacturers alike to adopt a higher level of audio recording and calibration.

THX most likely stands for Tomlinson Holman eXperience. This certification program today still remains one of the most recognized sonic identities in the world.

So what can a professionally trained THX calibrator do?

In contrast to ISF which focuses on the video, THX peers intently to the sound settings.  Listen to this short video and imagine hearing every decibel of sound your ears are capable of hearing.  Every instrument entrance and exit.

Plain and simple, you will benefit so much with just an adjustment to your settings.  A professional that is certified has the proper training and equipment to transform even a cheaper tv or projector into a brilliant picture.  Here are a few images of our courses that lasted 5 days.  Check them out and do not hesitate to give us a call.  Elite A/V serves the greater Las Vegas area and specializes in home theater wiring systems, smart home integrations, and now calibrations.  Our showroom is a great place to see first hand the level of quality we worked with.  Come take a look sometime!


Rise of Home Theater Trends 2018 Part I

It doesn’t take a home theater guru to see some of the trends on a rise for entertainment.  The technology we use is increasingly advancing to thinner, sharper, and universal with the touch of a keypad.  The home theater industry is shifting with mobile-friendly technology and it’s ever increasing apps are exciting! So grab some popcorn and sit down.  Let’s explore together some trends that Elite A/V and others project will rise to even greater lengths in 2018.

1. Smart Tv’s/ Streaming

What do we want? Options. When do we want it? Now! Having on-demand television shows and movies with limited to no commercials are heavily desired.  So much so that companies like Netflix are spending millions to produce new content for our home theater enjoyment. In early 2017, Netflix had over 93 million subscribers worldwide, with its international presence driving growth. The latest survey research on video and content trends from the Consumer Technology Association (the consumer electronics industry’s standards and trade organization) finds that, for the first time, the percentage of free or paid streaming video subscribers in the U.S. (68%) has caught up to the number of paid TV subscribers (67%). Further, CTA says it expects streaming subscribers to surpass paid TV services by “a fair margin” within a year or so. We definitely predict binge-watching will continue to rise even more. Competition is in the mix with Disney producing streaming content, Apple is getting in on this, YouTube and ESPN Now are all increasing their home theater streaming content.

Roku, Apple TV, Xbox one and Chrome Cast are some of the most common ways to achieve streaming shows.   Smart TVs are next in line with more options than ever before.  Some smart tv remotes even have a designated Netflix and Hulu button.  The third and a bit old fashion way are connecting a laptop to an HDMI cord directly to the TV.

2. Live Interaction with Social Networking

Live, live, live, we want it live! Social media trends are pushing live video and by extension streaming services such as Netflix and Apple tv cater to the live movement with apps like Facebook Live. Social media live tweets and interaction with real-time television are skyrocketing as a trend.  Have you voted on one of the live shows using social media?  Manufacturers are currently working on ways to integrate live posts, reviews, and video chatting in with watching your favorite shows. We can see this going to where no tweet has gone before in the future!

3. Voice Activation/ Integration


Remotes, interfaces, consoles, and more are featuring ways to use voice command over a keyboard.  We sure have come a long way since the mobile phone with one key that you tap multiple times to get the letter you desire to type. LOL This trend of smart homes and voice activation will grow exponentially.  Alexa paired with Control 4 is one of our favorites with home theaters integrated with functions such as lights, blinds, and camera systems. A recent prediction suggests that “50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020” according to ComScore.  No doubt the voice command feature will continue to jump leaps and bounds this year.

4. Virtual Reality

Not to be confused with reality tv, this growing trend is sweeping the consumer electronic scene.  VR is capping on another dimension literally you are transported to another place with audio headphones and goggles in 4k with 360-degree views.  Can you imagine watching a movie where you can see that dinosaur coming at you by turning around and facing the beast yourself! That will increase entertainment to another level.  Some, however, are concerned with a decrease in intimacy watching a movie with their family.  Only time will tell how engaged a majority of consumers will become.  In the meantime, we do not see the number of products and content curation for these VR devices slowing down.

5. Wireless Entertainment

Who likes a bunch of eye sore wires laying around? Although one of our specialties here at Elite A/V is hiding wires we predict more and more technology will rise with Bluetooth or Sonos integration eliminating wires altogether. In addition to speakers, many Smart TVs also let you wirelessly push content from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, to your big screen.


Thanks for tuning in to Part I of our predicting trends.  Stay tuned for Part II where we feature Décor and Equipment in Home Theater Trends.  For those of you visiting our site for the first time. Elite A/V is a home theater installation company serving the greater Las Vegas area.  We specialize in trendy technologies, wiring systems, Control 4 and smart home integration.  If you are interested in sprucing up your entertainment area we would love to help.  Give us a call 702.997.4108 to consult with one of our specialists.  For inspiration, you can pop into our showroom at Elite A/V 3611 S Lindell Rd Suite 101 Las Vegas, NV 89103 

CES Consumer Electronics Show is Around the Corner!

The Best Electronic Show of the Year!

All of our Las Vegas gadget lovers are no doubt preparing for another year of the Consumer Electronics Show.

What is CES you ask?

It is single-handedly the most Influential tech conference of the year. A whirlwind of innovative technology.  Featuring thin and powerful audio technology, self-driving cars, and our favorite, voice recognition home automation.  A place where key tech influencers gather together to showcase new products and trends leading the industry.  Sounds enticing right? Our company loves this event.  Quite a few of our vendors have booths on the floor displaying their amazing home theater equipment.  You can find Monitor Audio, KEF,

Elite A/V employees strive to stay current with the latest technology.  Clients can be confident that when they talk with our professionals we can help guide them to the best options available in the home theater market.    Price points vary and of course, brand new technologies may not be the most cost-effective.  That is our job to lay out the options for you.  If you are contemplating a home theater refresh let us help you explore your choices.  Call today and let Elite A/V help you on your audio tech journey.


To Pro or Not to Pro When Building your Home Theater?

When you are ready to foot the bill for a new home theater system, is it worth adding the expense of a professional installation? That is the question each must ask themselves.  Is it reasonable to assume that some audio-video background makes it possible to complete the job with success? This blog will break down some considerations you can add into the equation before weighing on that decision.

1. Proper Wiring

As educated professionals in low voltage and high voltage wiring systems, this should absolutely be the first consideration. Each project has its own set of needs.  The more wires involved and the higher the placement the wires the higher the risk.  Electrical Contractor Magazine stated this very interesting quote:

“Even low-voltage installers can still experience unsettling shocks, especially if they are working in an unsafe environment, such as if they are ungrounded or standing on a wet spot,” Johnston said. “While it’s unlikely that such shocks will cause serious injury by themselves, they certainly could literally knock someone off balance, which could be a real safety risk if an installer were standing on a ladder.

So consider, will the wiring require feeding through the ceiling or walls.  Will the job require creating new connections in the cables? Will you be working with equipment voltage that you haven’t learned much about? If so, it would be wise to hire a professional installer. “In addition, an arc in a low-voltage system has the same potential for igniting explosive materials as one in a 120-plus-volt system. Chapter 5 of the NEC provides rules for installing electrical wiring of any voltage in a hazardous (classified) location, specifically those locations with high concentrations of flammable or combustible liquids, flammable or combustible vapors, conductive and combustible dust, and so forth.”

2. How much time will it take you versus a pro?

With YouTube and the internet today the Do It Yourself philosophy is on the rise.  Millennials are an educated era.  It may seem sensible to try it yourself.  The frustration sets in when knee deep in a mess of cables, instruction booklets, and holes in the wall.  Professional audio installers work day in day out on common name brand equipment. 

The time it takes them to get the job done right is a fraction compared to the headache of installing yourself.  They say time is money.  That is definitely a consideration when attempting to install your home theater equipment yourself.

3. Equipment Malfunction.

Any experienced gadget goer knows that the inevitable malfunction is on its way.  No equipment is 100 percent. When the error or glitch happens will you be prepared? Professionals work directly with the manufacturers and can resolve an issue or replace the equipment with ease.  In comparison, a DIY project may come to a halt for several days or even weeks trying to resolve the complaint.  In addition to handling matters aright, installers have extended warranties on their work.  For instance, here in Las Vegas our company Elite A/V warranties for a lifetime the workmanship and wires. We also honor manufacturer warranties and will work directly with the vendors for the replacement. If a person decides to purchase the equipment on their own then hire an installer, Elite A/V offers extended warranty plans if the equipment is within 30 days of purchase.


As you can see there are levels of the project that all require careful consideration of skill, time, finance, and complications.  There may be areas where DIY is possible.  Or it might not be reasonable to take on the task of installing a home theater without the professionals.  What will you decide, to pro or not to pro? That is the golden question.  Elite A/V would be happy to help you at any stage of your project.  Call us for a free consultation and quote.

Smart Home Options That Save Money.

When you think of home automation does the sound “cha-ching” play over in your mind?  For many it does.  However, what some do not know is the smart home options that can save you thousands.  Let’s explore some of the ways to make a smart home more valuable than just convenience purposes.

Water Damage Control

Leaks happen, although when resolved right away the damage is minimal.  Let’s say though that you are out of town for the weekend only to come home to a completely flooded and ruined home. As a smart homeowner, that’s where home automation options could have saved you such a devastating scenario.   Today’s technology allows for the option of sensors that detect leaks.  Receive a notification right from your device letting you know where the leak started i.e. water heater, under the sink, in the attic.  Additional equipment is set up on the main water line and can shut off the water with a touch of a button, right from your phone. Think about the peace of mind that comes with this feature. Not to mention you could potentially save thousands of dollars and the devastation of a water leak.

In contrast, this feature can remotely protect a vacation home by turning on the water to run through the pipes once in a while. This will help prevent corrosion and a dried up water line that allows for cracks and leaks to occur in plumbing. Really when it comes to water damage and prevention smart home devices are a wise and valuable investment.

Save on Your Electric Bill

Think of the dozens of machines and electronics in your home.  As technology advances so do the gadgets and energy for each device.  Each of these electronics, even in standby mode result in a higher energy consumption.  Smart home energy meters, installed in an electricity box can help you in this regard.  The data that you collect can help you analyze where the energy consumption is coming from. It reports energy use back to you in real time so you can see how much electricity you really use and when you use it. Additionally, you can be more prepared when you go to purchase other types of smart home money saving options.

Next, evaluate your crawlspaces, attic, and all windows and doors for ways to improve your insulation.  30% of air-conditioning and heat can escape if your home is allowing leaks. Once you have established a good insulation system, you can invest in a programmable thermostat.  Create and manage your home’s thermostat on the go. You can store multiple daily settings but override if need be without messing up the future programmed temperatures.

Other options for saving money can include connecting solar panels to appliances and having them run at times that are most effective.  You can regulate electricity by automatically shutting off the lights inside at night instead of accidentally leaving them on.

Moreover, lighting can be a downfall in many homes.  You can reduce your costs with motion sensor lighting.  It doubles as a luxury for your guests that do not know their way around as well as the convenience of carrying a heavy load of laundry without fidgeting for the light switch.  Once you have left the room the lights will automatically turn themselves off.  Amazing right!? This may have you wondering why you haven’t invested in this upgrade sooner.  This smart home feature is also aware of daylight hours.  Yes, these sensors are smarter than a 5th grader or perhaps more diligent than your kiddos when turning off the lights.

Save You Money by Deterring Burglars.

Your home and its contents are an asset that should be protected.  There are many smart home options when it comes to safety and security.  Check out this blog all on those options.

Tailor Smart Home Options to Your Needs.

In conclusion, as you may have noted an energy-efficient home paired with smart home sensors can save you money.  You may want to start with the basics and make larger investments (like solar technology) in the future.  Over time these small changes in your home can put money back in your pocket.  Not to mention the peaceful trips away from home while still monitoring the action.  Each family’s need is a little different.  Elite A/V has trained and honest professionals that can assist you in what you need to get started on this smart home journey.  We serve the local Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Henderson areas in Nevada.  Call today for a free consultation to learn what is right for you and save money for years to come.

Smart Home Automation – Is It Right For You?

When you think of smart home automation, what comes to mind? Does the idea of saving money and security spark your interest? Elite A/V is a company that cares about our client’s well-being.  We all struggle with the same common problems and we want to help.  It has been said money makes the world go round. You may think of home automation is a luxury, however, note how some options can really be worth the investment. This article is designed to help you understand the infinite possibilities of automating your home, who really could benefit from this technology and how to get started.

Families benefit from a smart home.

In today’s society, the workforce is on the rise.  Many parents get home later than their children.  Checking in on the kids has never been easier with home automation options. Get a notification right on your phone that your kiddo arrived home safely and has locked the door behind them.

This can be achieved with a specific front door unlock code designed just for your kids.  Look in on your cameras to see if they are doing their homework like they say they are.  Additionally,  families benefit by feeling more secure when they leave the home.   Having sensors paired with surveillance cameras around the parameters of your home to detect movement and start to record.  For more in-depth information on security benefits check out this blog HERE.

Pet care is another great way smart devices can help.  Automatic feeders, sensors, and monitoring is a great way to help assist you when you are away from those awesome fur babies.

Elderly and their children benefit with a smart response.

Trying to determine the safest care for your aging loved ones can be emotional.  Having a scare of your parent not answering the phone when you call to check in on them can be gut-wrenching.  Smart home technology is incredible to put your mind at ease.  Sensors can send data if your loved one has moved around the house frequently or perhaps the sensors have not gone off in a while.  These sensors send data to a dashboard on an app to your phone.  When your parent hasn’t set off a single motion detector in their house, can spring to action.  Phone and video intercoms can be placed in your aging parents home to allow them to answer by voice even if they are stuck on the floor.  You can automatically lock doors for them at night and set the alarm to stay.

Perhaps your parents are living with you or in the casita on your property.  You can monitor if the front door opens with flashing lights in your home or notifications if you are at work. All in all, many children and elderly benefit by keeping them safe with a smart home.  The smart home list continues with emergency response technology if your loved one has fallen. Enhanced alarms to compensate for the loss of eyesight and hearing. Memory aids offering reminders for daily medications and dosages and safety features such as automatically turning off appliances.  As you can see challenges are significant when a loved one is restricted, smart home technology is a fantastic investment for your peace of mind.

Disabled benefit from gaining assistance.

We often take for granted being able to pick up a remote or walk around the home easily.  Unfortunately, some suffer from daily tasks.

Home automation is becoming a viable option for older adults and people with disabilities who would prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes rather than move to a healthcare facility.  Smart home automation can enhance the quality of a disabled loved one’s life by allowing them to have voice commands to turn on and off the television, fan, lights, thermostat and more.  Additionally, motion sensors in hallways can turn on and off lights as they are working their way to the kitchen creating a safe pathway.

Similar to helping elderly, emergency features to allow for a safer life.  Devices can collect data of heart rate, respiration, temperature and other vital functions and alert family and their physician if there is a problem.  Home robotics to help with household chores as well.

Finally, giving a disabled loved one more independence really touches their heart and allows everyone to feel better about such a challenging situation.

Out of many options Where do you get started?

Home networks are an important place to start.  There is a tremendous demand on your WIFI and network with the overflow of devices connected to your network.  Having a safe, reliable and fast network connection helps ensure smooth smart home automation.

Additionally, you need a brain to connect these sensors and systems to.  Elite A/V specializes in one of the best hubs Control 4.  This is a device that allows data to be collected and you can remotely access the information then carry out commands. It’s best to start with this device and build your home automation “toolbox” over time.

In conclusion, as you can see the value of home automation can outweigh the expense.  Elite A/V likes to address the ever-growing needs of families with a consult to help you figure out the right direction to take with smart home devices.  We are trained professionals with many years of experience in home automation here in Las Vegas.

Call today to schedule a free consultation. We can develop an affordable and beneficial plan for your smart home needs.  Mention this blog and you can qualify for a free home security package.

Smart Home Security

How can smart home security enhance your peace of mind?

Every day families go to work and leave their home unattended. Unfortunately, lawlessness is advancing from bad to worse in our communities.  1 in 32 residents in Las Vegas can expect to become a victim of property crime.  This leaves a very important decision.  How can you protect yourself and your safe haven? This is where smart home automation options come to your aid. Remote surveillance over the internet or central locking of all perimeter doors and windows are a great place to start.   We all can relate to being away from our home and wondering “did I remember to lock the door or shut the garage door?” This idea can muster up anxiety when contemplating all day long if you exposed your home to theft. Now you can verify if your doors are locked to give you the peace of mind.

Security Technology Has Made Leaps and Bounds.

If a motion is detected in your home you can get a notification in an instant from your smart home dashboard. Parents can check to see if their children have come home safely within minutes. Recieve a notification that they came in the door and the door locked behind them.  Check the security cameras to make sure pets or children are ok and what they are up to.  Alarms and detectors can update you in moments notice if there is a danger.

Safe Smart Locks

Door lock automation capabilities allow you to unlock certain parameters just to give the lawn or bug man access to the backyard. You can assign a relative with a temporary passcode that works for just a few hours to unlock your front door.  All of this can be accomplished from your device remotely.  At night it has never been more reassuring with a home automation system set up.

When it is time for bed, arm your alarm to stay with a simple voice command “good evening”. The hybrid keypad by your bedside can verify all your doors and windows are shut. The lights inside dim and fade to black, the porch lights turn on and the alarm system is armed and ready.  If a sensor goes off in the middle of the night, hit a panic button that turns on lights and plays music to reassure you that an intruder gets scared off.  Another touch of a button can notify the police.

Vacation Without a Worry.

Additionally, one of the greatest security options is the occupancy feature. When on vacation the occupancy setting can copy all the activities you used all week.  It can turn on and off the lights, tv, and electronics, the entire cycling of your actions of the previous week when you were at home. This is so much more valuable than just turning the lights on and off at night.

A vacation home can benefit as well with the option to power on and off electronics so they stay perfectly healthy and last.

Are smart home technologies secure?

We get this question a lot from our clients in Las Vegas.  It seems technology brings a new set of challenges, security within your security.  That is why it is important to hire a professional when setting up smart home features onto your existing WIFI network.

Elite A/V has access to networks that are professional grade. Moreover, the precautions our team take when setting up your smart home give you the highest level of security.

Call Elite A/V today to plan out your smart home.  We will help you understand your options and give you a plan of action that you can benefit from.  With a smart security plan, you can feel safer in the years to come.



Enhance Your Home Decor With Your Television.

The Evolution of Television Styles

Let’s go back in time for a moment and reminisce on how heavy and thick television sets were in the 50’s.  Surely, these clunkers were an eyesore. At the time, no one cared, if you owned a tv you were doing good.  Fast forward to our advanced day and age, it is the norm in every household to have a flat screen tv. Additionally, most tv’s are mounted right on the wall.  They look very sleek and barely take up any space.

However, even though we have come a long way, let’s face it, a big black screen is not exactly art on the wall.  Most women would love to have a hideaway tv. Hiding cords and electronics would be a miracle. So, what options are available to enhance home décor with a television?


Add Art to Your Home theater or Living Space

A fantastic way to conceal your flat panel or projection screen is to literally cover it with art and add a beautiful frame around it.  A company called ArtScreen has mastered this idea and it fits within our standard of classy and unique. Framing your tv is a great home decor enhancement. Here’s how it works. A frame is surrounding your television with a canvas of your choice of art displayed in front of your tv. When you are ready to watch tv, a silent motor screen retraction rolls the canvas up inside of the frame and booyah you have a home theater system.

Design your TV Frame to Enhance Your Home Decor

The process is simple, purchase a tv if you don’t already own one. Followed by selecting your art.  This art could be your own if it is good enough quality or you could choose from ArtScreen’s selected designer art with over 1,200 options of styles and colors. Next, select a frame to your liking. We personally love the modern frame for a television choice.  If you ever visit our showroom in Las Vegas you would know Elite A/V preferred style is modern!


Finally, after you have chosen all the components to your artwork, a professional home theater installation company installs your framed art and conceals all of your wires.  That is where Elite A/V steps in, our company serves Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, and the greater Las Vegas Area.We specialize in Home Theaters, HDTV Set-ups, Multi-room Audio Systems, Universal Control Systems, Lighting & Shade Control, Networking and Wireless Solutions.  We would love to help you learn more about framing your tv and all the amazing options out there.

Additional Thoughts For Your Screen:

ArtScreen can work with a recessed or surface mounted television.  However, a very important factor to consider is the quality of your tv screen. As audio video professionals, quality comes first in our opinion.  Additional money can then enhance your home decor.  Quality of a screen makes the world of a difference to your enjoyment of a movie.  The light that reflects off of a projector or screen can be faded and blurry if not chosen correctly. We want to ensure the quality of your home theater system by helping you understand your options.  Here are two great articles on our website to read: One is HDR and the other is 4K.


Feel free to email or call us to schedule a consultation with one of our professionals. We would be happy to email you all the options of frames and art choices.

Call us today! 702.997.4108

Email us HERE.




A Showroom Designed to Educate You and Impress Your Senses.

For those of you who know Elite A/V our standards have always been high.  We now have a home theater showroom in Las Vegas that will take you to audio video dreamland! The technology on display features complete home automation control systems and a variety of home theater sound displays. Additionally, we have Salamander a/v furniture, security systems, a commercial cafe bar and a stylish game room.   We have packed this place out with tons of amazing products for you to experience!


Learn Smart Home Capabilities

Home automation technology has grown so much over the last few years.  Voice commands and remote control systems have never been more functional. We really do have it made in the shade! You can test out Alexa and movie and audio commands.  Home automation is at the next level when you bring Control4 on board. This remote is a fan favorite when it comes to quality and variation.  Prompt automatic Lutron window shades, color changing light displays, thermostat controls and more with the dynamic duo of Alexa and Control 4 integrations.

The Theater Experience

Throughout our showroom, there are strategic audio displays designed to impress your senses.

The theater room is where you can kick back on plush fortress theater designed seating, gaze up at a seamless 100″ projection, and take in two variations of theater sound systems.  Monitor Audio paired with Dolby Atmos and the other incredible display by Martin Logan with a 7.1 channel sound. Both radiate immense power and unique sound.  Other audio systems showcased are Monitor Audio, Triad Speakers, Dynaudio, Sonos and Bang and Olufsen.

Every Home theater in Las Vegas should have the sound that is enjoyable to watch a movie with. We want to educate you about the differences in sound, size, price, and technology. However, no matter the cost, we back up the quality of the products we offer! Each and every speaker has something to offer for your individual preferences.


Get your Game On!

Our game room is not shy of audio power. We have some pretty amazing floor standing KEF speakers on display for your entertainment. Play a round of shuffleboard or bumper pool and imagine what your game room could be with surround sound pumping through the ceiling. We want to help customize every space in your home to maximize your enjoyment with your friends and family.

Commercial Grade Electronic Displays

Your heart may already be pumped up at this point, however, the cafe area features an LG commercial menu board with a video panel display that will have you brainstorming ways to enhance your storefront or restaurant. Soon to come is a 70-volt commercial Sonance system that creates a personal experience in a large space.  , an alarm system panel


Finally, to protect our establishment we have an alarm system panel to demo for you that we feel is of the utmost importance in your home and business. If you love to explore new technology and enjoy learning about a variety of audio-video gadgets, we guarantee you will be happy with our selections.  Schedule a visit so we can demo all kinds of fun entertainment equipment for you!  Call us at 702-997-4108 to make your appointment today!