Smart Home Options That Save Money.

When you think of home automation does the sound “cha-ching” play over in your mind?  For many it does.  However, what some do not know is the smart home options that can save you thousands.  Let’s explore some of the ways to make a smart home more valuable than just convenience purposes.

Water Damage Control

Leaks happen, although when resolved right away the damage is minimal.  Let’s say though that you are out of town for the weekend only to come home to a completely flooded and ruined home. As a smart homeowner, that’s where home automation options could have saved you such a devastating scenario.   Today’s technology allows for the option of sensors that detect leaks.  Receive a notification right from your device letting you know where the leak started i.e. water heater, under the sink, in the attic.  Additional equipment is set up on the main water line and can shut off the water with a touch of a button, right from your phone. Think about the peace of mind that comes with this feature. Not to mention you could potentially save thousands of dollars and the devastation of a water leak.

In contrast, this feature can remotely protect a vacation home by turning on the water to run through the pipes once in a while. This will help prevent corrosion and a dried up water line that allows for cracks and leaks to occur in plumbing. Really when it comes to water damage and prevention smart home devices are a wise and valuable investment.

Save on Your Electric Bill

Think of the dozens of machines and electronics in your home.  As technology advances so do the gadgets and energy for each device.  Each of these electronics, even in standby mode result in a higher energy consumption.  Smart home energy meters, installed in an electricity box can help you in this regard.  The data that you collect can help you analyze where the energy consumption is coming from. It reports energy use back to you in real time so you can see how much electricity you really use and when you use it. Additionally, you can be more prepared when you go to purchase other types of smart home money saving options.

Next, evaluate your crawlspaces, attic, and all windows and doors for ways to improve your insulation.  30% of air-conditioning and heat can escape if your home is allowing leaks. Once you have established a good insulation system, you can invest in a programmable thermostat.  Create and manage your home’s thermostat on the go. You can store multiple daily settings but override if need be without messing up the future programmed temperatures.

Other options for saving money can include connecting solar panels to appliances and having them run at times that are most effective.  You can regulate electricity by automatically shutting off the lights inside at night instead of accidentally leaving them on.

Moreover, lighting can be a downfall in many homes.  You can reduce your costs with motion sensor lighting.  It doubles as a luxury for your guests that do not know their way around as well as the convenience of carrying a heavy load of laundry without fidgeting for the light switch.  Once you have left the room the lights will automatically turn themselves off.  Amazing right!? This may have you wondering why you haven’t invested in this upgrade sooner.  This smart home feature is also aware of daylight hours.  Yes, these sensors are smarter than a 5th grader or perhaps more diligent than your kiddos when turning off the lights.

Save You Money by Deterring Burglars.

Your home and its contents are an asset that should be protected.  There are many smart home options when it comes to safety and security.  Check out this blog all on those options.

Tailor Smart Home Options to Your Needs.

In conclusion, as you may have noted an energy-efficient home paired with smart home sensors can save you money.  You may want to start with the basics and make larger investments (like solar technology) in the future.  Over time these small changes in your home can put money back in your pocket.  Not to mention the peaceful trips away from home while still monitoring the action.  Each family’s need is a little different.  Elite A/V has trained and honest professionals that can assist you in what you need to get started on this smart home journey.  We serve the local Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Henderson areas in Nevada.  Call today for a free consultation to learn what is right for you and save money for years to come.